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Oct 12, 2012 10:25 PM

Party of <25 downtown - where to go?

Help! I'm trying to organize a birthday dinner/drinks for my sister's upcoming 35th birthday and we are hitting roadblock after roadblock. Looking for somewhere that can accomodate max 25, somewhere totally mid-range (i.e. not the back room at Yaggers but not Reflections or a hotel restaurant), preferably Gastown or close to... (easy access to the Seabus, many are on the NS)

Private room not necessary, though would totally take it....

Any suggestions?!

Thanks in advance!

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    Not a personal recommendation but it's worked for many for similar events in the past and the location is perfect.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Guu Otokomae (aka Gastown/Handsome) might work as well just few steps away.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        I like the Guu idea as you can get good beer, decent cocktails and tasty food. Steamworks only has good beer, food is pretty meh -- though it does has some nice nooks and crannies, views etc.

    2. You could check out Alibi Room - depending on the day of week, etc, they have a separate downstairs/overflow area. Decent food and obviously awesome beer list.

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      1. re: reiney

        They won't do groups of more than 10.

        1. re: peter.v

          Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We had a hell of a time getting a reservation so we ended up booking the Royal Suite at the Fairmont and I did the cooking! Nothing ever does go according to plan, does it? :)