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Oct 12, 2012 08:50 PM

"e" by Jose Andres, La Cirque, Twist, Robuchon, or Savoy?

I have read so many different reviews on all of these incredible restaurants. I love the Bazzar, but also adore French cuisine. I live for culinary adventures and have now done so much investigating, that I am utterly confused how these match up against each other. If anyone has any insight please rate these 1-5, 1 being the best and 5 being your least favorite and a brief synopsis. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I've been to all 5 restaurants within the past 2 years; here's my ranking:

    1) Le Cirque: most recent dinner 3/12; great French food (new chef-Gregory Pugin who most recently comes from NYC's Veritas where he was highly regarded); attentive service; beautiful decor. Definitely will return.

    2) e: most recent dinner 4/11; highly creative and delicious cuisine; intimate setting (8 guests seated around a counter watching the chef prepare all the food in front of you); price has recently increased.

    3) Joel Robuchon: most recent dinner 3/12; probably the most beautiful decor and best service in LV; best bread cart; very expensive; food is mostly great, but I was very disappointed in my beef dish this visit since I've never had such chewy beef that wasn't able to be cut even with a specially requested steak knife--disappointing from a restaurant of this caliber.

    4) Guy Savoy: most recent visit 4/11; really wanted to love this restaurant but couldn't. Service was wonderful, yet the very drab decor (think prison cell) and the so-so food made for a disappointing meal. Very expensive. I wouldn't return.

    5) Twist: most recent visit 4/10; even though I'm a big fan of creative cuisine, I found there were too many "twists" on a theme for each dish-some worked and some missed: first time that I found a foie gras dish that I didn't like. Service was uneven; decor is lovely; wine list is overpriced. New chef has taken over the kitchen. Probably wouldn't return.

    Hope this helps.

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      So insightful. Thank you so much.

    2. I've only eaten at e (back in August), but if you're looking for an "adventure" I can't imagine a meal being more innovative and exciting than that one. Everything about it is non-traditional and most importantly, delicious.

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        Thanks, I was hoping to squeeze my way into "e".

      2. If the sole criteria were food quality, my ranking would be: Robuchon, Savoy, e, Twist. I haven't been to Le Cirque. Adding in points for a "culinary adventure," I'd move e to the top of the list.

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          Have been to E twice, JR once and Le Cirque in past 2 years. Have not been to GS or Twist, for the reason that they generally fall to the bottom of this top 5 list.

          1)For me, my first E visit was best, and one of the top meals I've had ever. On that visit, Edwin (One of Jose Andres most talented sous chefs) was in charge and it was wonderful. On my return visit, there was a less skilled chef in charge (they rotate restaurants within the Andres empire, and Edwin was now opening a new place elsewhere). E is a culinary adventure and both meals were still "worth it", with the first being truly outstanding.

          2)Joel Robuchon: I did not do the degustation menu at JR, but the 6 course. It was an amazing meal, with the truffle egg being the highlight for both my wife and I. We are going back to Vegas in a few weeks and are trying to get them to make us a few truffle eggs over at Atelier :)
          If you go, get that damn egg, it will blow your mind! The cheese cart is also a must at JR, and the bread cart is great as well. My only concerns with JR were the service was a bit clunky for somewhere of its caliber, and the desserts were a bit so-so.

          3)Le Cirque: The meal here was excellent, and I can't really fault any of the food. I just felt it to be a lesser quality overall experience than the others. More of a "stick up their ass" kind of service style than a relaxed and fun one. However, the food was fantastic, and the price is about half of the others, or less.

          All three are excellent choices though, and I would return to any of them.

          Hope this helps.

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            So helpful! Wonderful description of each. I know know that E and Robuchon are a go. Thank you so much :)