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Oct 12, 2012 05:37 PM

Saica (Ann Arbor)

What has happened to my favorite Japanese place in AA? For 12+ years, Saica has been excellent. Tonite I returned after a year or so for a celebratory dinner and it was mediocre. Seaweed salad mushy and too much sweet-sweet dressing. Salmon teriyaki dripping in a gloppy sweet sauce, with a side of pasta salad (ick). The sushi tasted good, but was cut unevenly--looked liked my home-made sushi.
Should I just be going across the street to the (cheaper) Nagomi?

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  1. I've noticed the same thing, and the low-cost options have been systematically eliminated from the menu. That restaurant has been there in one form or another for years, and I think they're just burned out. Nagomi is quite good for the price (no booze). I've also been having luck with Godaiko in SW AA. Not "authentic" (owners are Thai-Chinese) but very creative stuff sometimes, excellent service, consistently good, festive atmosphere, good lunch specials.

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      Thanks Jim. BTW aren't most of the Japanese places in AA run by Koreans?
      That's the case at Nagomi, Umi, and Saica.

      1. re: trapani

        Yup. I believe Yotsuba is Chinese owned. AFAIK the only Japanese-owned one now that Yamato is closed is the cheapo Makkara on Packard. The Japanese-owned places in Plymouth and Novi are a bit better and cheaper, I think.

        1. re: Jim M

          try o sushi in canton its worth the drive past neehees.

          1. re: toro

            When someone named "toro" tells me to try a sushi place, I'm there. However, I had in mind Fumi in Novi and maybe Izakaya Sanpei (sp?)—haven't been there for a while.

            1. re: toro

              I fully endorse O Sushi myself...

              1. re: toro

                I totally love O Sushi, too.Canton or Dearborn

                1. re: momskitchen

                  I tried O Sushi, and while it was certainly good, I was a bit taken aback by the prices there. I had two rolls, and my cost out the door was $26 with tax and tip included. For that kind of money, Noble Fish would give me three rolls minimum, they'd be bigger than the ones at O Sushi, and NF has tea at no charge, as well. Don't get me wrong: I liked what had, but in terms of value for the money? They fall short a good deal, at least in my book they do.

                  1. re: boagman

                    I also went there (Canton), thought it was good, spent a lot. Noticed that they had real king crab sushi and wondered how it was. The waitress said only one of the cooks knew how to prepare it.

                    Had good and cheap sushi in a Japanese supermarket in "downtown" Novi on Grand River—One World Market, I think was the name.

                    1. re: Jim M

                      One World and Noble in Clawson are my go-tos. I believe the same owner is involved in both - very fresh fish and reasonable prices but, as you would have noted in Novi, no table service, fancy surroundings etc. Heck, at least Novi has enough chairs for its patrons...

        2. Saica closed. June 25 2013