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Oct 12, 2012 05:06 PM

O'Mei - 'Giant Lobster (11lbs) 4 ways' and more ( with photos )

This iconic dish has been mentioned numerous times on this board. However, I did not recall a single write-up of the four components, let alone with photo illustrations. Yesterday, treating newly wed cousins from overseas to dinner provided me with an opportunity to record and report on this mouth watering event!

Our party of eight selected and devoured an eleven pounder. FYI, this lobster was dissected using hand held Chinese cleavers only, including chopping up those massive thick shelled claws! No electrical/mechanical 'saws' was needed! Talk about 'Kung-Fu' cooking!!

The 4 courses were:

Course#1 - Steamed claws with minced fried garlic and scallions on a bed of Chinese rice vermicelli.
Perfectly timed, the meat was sweet and not overly chewy.

Course#2 - Stirred fry tail with Maggi and Premium top soy based 'house special ' sauce and
Impressive tasting sauce! No one in town does it better! Unlike other rendition which
involved starchy sauce, O'Mei's was a dryish finish with just the right amount of glaze
covering the morsels. Best tasting part was actually not the lobster meat but those
shredded onions! Soooo good!

Course#3 - Deep fry body and head with spiced peppered salt and minced chili garlic.
Absolutely greaseless! Salty and spicy, this dish is a perfect accompaniment with

Course#4 - Braised E-Fu noodles with lobster tamale, straw mushrooms and yellowing chives.
Given an option of either fried rice with tamale or noodles, we picked the latter for a
change. Benign looking but packed with cholesterol, this was our only 'carbs'
for the evening.

On top, our meal also has Roasted pigeons ( savoury, crispy and crunchy ), Stirred fry King Mushrooms with snow pea shoot and Braised eggplants with Enoki mushrooms and dried scallops in a hot pot.

Total bill for the eight of us came to $410 all inclusive of tips and tax and well worth it!! BTW, no corkage fee for BYOB.
For a Thursday night, the restaurant was packed!!! with people waiting outside!! Unbelievable!

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  1. That's great CY. You're right, there hasn't been a stand-alone write-up. Way overdue.

    You said BYOB, but did the price include anything drinks from the restaurant? Either way, $50 a head for that kind of feast is a pretty good deal.

    I've only been once. Need to go again.

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      Only tea ( pretty good quality by Chinese restaurant standard ). 3 different desserts were complimentary include a great tasting 'Fresh Mango Mochi"

    2. What, no pictures or reviews of the 3-4 freebie desserts? Those mango coconut pods and mini black sesame rice balls are just to die for.

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      1. re: Royaljelly

        Photos of the desserts?! That, I'll leave them to you and Iron Buddha to provide!! Ha!! How many pounds can your kids devour now??!! Growing like weeds??!!

      2. I thought it's usually 5 ways? Don't they have the steamed egg with lobster juice anymore?

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        1. re: chutchut

          My experience was similar to what CY has explained here last month a very good way to experience this delicacy. We had the Lobster 5 ways option so 2 of the courses were different.
          We had 2 lobster weighing 8 lbs each and we ordered some extra dishes to balance things out.
          1st course was steamed with scallions and garlic. A somewhat purist approach to Lobster as you get enjoy the succulent meat in its pure form.
          2nd course was Lobster with Maggi Sauce. Pan fried well with onions. A nice sweet finish that went well with the main attraction.
          3rd course was fried lobster legs. The batter was nice and topped with a spice that brought bit of heat to the course.
          4th course was lobster innards with rice. A gourmet dish that I enjoyed.
          5th course was a steamed egg with lobster meat (I haven't had this dish before) reminded me of Chawanmushi. The lobster taste was less pronounced in this course.

          The service was excellent as well provided by the chairman himself Ringo!

          1. re: elvisahmed

            Did Ringo sing a 'Bee Gee's' song for you folks as well??!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Yeah absolutely. Started out in Cantonese and then the last part was switched to English with the lyrics being peppered with the dishes names. Quite a show that impressed everyone at the table :)

            2. re: elvisahmed

              Never even knew there was a 5th way. Do you have to ask for that? Does it cost more?

              1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

                Well I didn't know that either as I had just the 4 ways before. The friend who organised the event asked for it 5 ways and there was no extra charge for it.

                1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

                  I just checked with the restaurant and was told that when you order 2 lobsters (each 6lbs+), you get the 5th dish (steamed egg) for free. The reason is that one lobster's tomalley/brain will be used for the fried rice/noodle, while the other one's will be used in the steamed egg.

                  1. re: chutchut

                    'Double Death by Cholesterol'!! Enjoy, have fun and bring along Crestor for your guests!!

            3. If Omei were to market their lobster special dishes as "Kick-ass Lobster 4 or 5 ways", they would make more top 50 in Canada lists for sure. Or maybe it is just as well a Toronto area secret as the lineups are already too long!

              1. The original comment has been removed