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Oct 12, 2012 04:49 PM

Dining Solo in Chapel Hill

I'm in Chapel Hill for a couple weeks for work. I am looking for a few places where I can go get dinner and have a drink or two. I'll be dining alone, so sitting at a bar is kind of preferred. I will want to watch some of the football games on Saturday night, so a couple options with tvs would be great! Price doesn't matter too much, just looking for good food and a nice atmosphere. Thanks! Appreciate the help in advance!

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  1. This is definitely one I can help you out with, as my husband travels a lot and when it is babysitter night I take myself out. First things first: *almost* every place in the area has a tv (to me this isn't a plus, although on Sundays I do kind of like the option of watching football at the bar). Here are a list of places that have a nice bar area for dining: the bar (lounge) at Il Palio in the Sienna Hotel (the food is good here, often very good), Kitchen (this is one where they don't always turn on the tv so it isn't a sure bet on a Sunday; the food is usually very nice), Glasshalful (I think only one tv, but it will normally be on when sports are on, not open Sundays, and in Carrboro), Elaines (upscale, probably no tv, not open Sundays), Tylers (bar food, great beer selection, a few tvs with different games on, usually pretty busy during a game), the bar at the Lantern (also upscale, dark, Asian food, not sure about tv, the bar is around the back), ACME (comfortable, mid-to-upscale, one tv, my last meal there, unfortunately, was pretty disappointing but that could just be a one off).
    Hope this helps. I've eaten at all the bar of all these places on my own and felt completely comfortable.

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      Thanks so much. These look like great suggestions. I think I'll try one out tonight for dinner! Thanks again!

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        I realized after rereading your post that you wanted Saturday, not Sunday, football. Having grown up in a big NFL town, I still haven't acclimated to the difference, and apologize for having noted Sunday times on all my suggestions. I hope you have a great dinner tonight and that you make the most of your week here.

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          The best place to sit at a bar with plenty of tvs and good to great food is One. Go here and click Wine Bar on the left for photos:

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            Just a couple of other thoughts: no TV at Lantern, but go anyway. I'd also recommend The Pig and Vimala's since you may not always be in the mood for sports, neither have TVs, but they have great food and great atmosphere.

            There's a new branch of the Tobacco Road sports in CH which is likely worth checking out. The Standard is another spot. I think they have TVs; I know I like their food. There's a new spot on Main in Carrboro called Second Wind that's worth a look.

            The bar at One is a great call from bbqme.

      2. I have not been, but sounds like Cholonad would be a good choice. It is Tamil Indian food. From what I've read other hounds saying that the food is good and the bar and its tender are nice.

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          The bar at Cholonad is fairly small and seems like the waiter staff run by it a lot getting drink orders for customers, so as good as the food is, I'm not totally sure I'd feel comfortable sitting there. Also, there was no one sitting there the night I went (only once so far, so the sample isn't really good enough to know for sure) which isn't always the most welcoming feeling.

          1. re: LulusMom

            Yup, I sat at the Cholanad bar once and felt largely ignored.

        2. I usually hit the Carolina Brewery. The beer is topnotch, multiple tv's and good food. Lots of social people at the bar who are happy to strike up a conversation with a newcomer.

          1. Top of the Hill may be okay. I wouldn't say the food is outstanding but they are a microbrew. I also like the pubgrub at Milltown but can't speak to sitting at a bar there.