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Oct 12, 2012 03:59 PM

Alfredo Sauce Help?

I was making alfredo sauce, and I followed the directions to a tee, but when I tasted it, it was grainy and had this weird, almost nutty taste. I tried to make it better by adding some garlic powder and some cream cheese, but it still has that weird taste. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this sauce?

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  1. Your recipe and the products you used would be needed to give you any real insight.
    Graininess is almost always from overheating the Cheese which should not be cooked.
    Cream Cheese, Garlic powder? Why?

    1. As chefj suggested, we would need to know what's in the sauce and how you prepared it to tell you what went wrong.
      Please enlighten us!

      1. Parmesan has a nutty flavor. In fact, some put nutmeg into alfredo to get that note.

        1. Alfredo sauce is prepared very quickly. You will sometimes see an instruction for preparing Alfredo sauce that recommends you melt butter over medium low heat and add cream, then whisk in garlic and cheese. What is often omitted is that you will have better results if you take the butter/cream mixture off the heat before adding the cheese and garlic and that you should sauce the dish immediately without allowing the sauce to rest. The quality of the cheese you select is VERY important. That stuff that comes in a shaker container isn't going to work out well at all.
          I have the same question as chefj about the cream cheese and garlic powder. I wonder why you chose to do that. Neither would help with the problem you describe but I commend you on having the courage to try something, anything, and learn from the experience.

          1. my favorite way is to take lots of butter cut into squares, stick it at the bottom of your serving bowl. throw in a bunch of parmesan cheese. dump in you piping hot pasta with a bit of the pasta water and stir until sauce is formed.