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Oct 12, 2012 03:52 PM

Nearest NomNomNom's: SONESTA Market Street

Going to be in Philly for a couple of days in November.
Staying at Sonesta. I don't have alot of experience in looking for ideas.

I am there a couple of days on business but might stretch it into the weekend if I find some fun things to do on a Saturday in Phiilly

Have been over to the Liberty Bell area about 4 years ago - so, not interested in that again.

Help me out here CH's.

What to eat on a Wed/Thurs nite - and enough there to stay on a Fri/Sat?

Should i train it or take a car to visit some gem in the suburbs?

I patiently await your collective culinary intelligence!

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  1. We need more information. Where are you coming from and what type of food do you enjoy? The reason is simple, we would not want to suggest a place in Philadelphia if it is a strength of the location from where you hail.

    With regard to touristy things, are you interested in history? Culture? Art?

    I would say unless you identify a cultural destination you want to go to, I would stay in the city. You will definitely find enough to eat and depending on your interests, most likely enough to do.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Thanks CW .. great Questions

      we are foodies - living in New England , so we get alot of good lobster here...
      I am a history buff - and have been down to the Liberty area since they re-did it - so not sure much else there.....
      We love to try new things - ethnic foods are always something we like to try
      I am not a big steak person - so pretty much anything else goes
      also - not interested in getting all dressed up - more business casual - casual spots

      I can take AMTRAK down or take the auto - so if there are no gems I can identify on the way north or south from Philadelphia heading from the north and back - I might just stick to the train and hoof it around Philadelphia

      So - I hope that helps paint a better picture.....

      Oh and we dont mind a well rounded bar scene - not interested in pick up spots - but open to a spot with good eats and great lounge music!!!

      1. re: few

        In my opinion there are cultural destinations in Philadelphia that you may want to hit. The constitution center really is quite educational. Independence Seaport museum gives a view to Philadelphia as a port. The Mutter Museum is a medical museum that gives a view ot the impact of disease on Philadelphia, as well as having some really cool preserved body parts. If you like artwork, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has a great collection, and there is a special Whistler show on now. The Barnes Foundation just opened and has one of the best private collections of impressionists. The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts has a nice collection of 19th century paintings, especially Thomas Eakins. The Rodin museum is the second best place in the world for Rodin sculpture, outside of the museum in Paris.

        City Hall in Philadelphia is an architectural marvel and well worth a tour. The Masonic Temple near the City Hall is an incredible gem that few people get to visit. Lots of William Rush sculpture.

        Food wise you should visit the Reading Terminal Market, and the Italian Market. A bit different than Quincy Market in Boston, there are a lot of different places to eat there, as well as Amish vendors. A fun place. Relative to Bostons Chinatown Philadelphia's is smaller and not quite as good. A couple of gems include a Burmese restaurant, Rangoon, as well as a place that makes hand drawn noodles. Nam Phuong.

        Outside of Philadelphia for cultural places, you have historical places like Valley Forge, Washington's Crossing PA where Washington crossed the Delaware River, (visitor center closed a the moment.. they do interpretive tours still) and William Penn's house. These are all places you would need a car for.

        For a view of the historical district aka Old City Philadelphia, here is a good map.

        I am sure others can add in things here both from a food and a historical sight standpoint. Also check out for additional ideas. And if at all possible give us a report after your visit. Love to hear how people experience Philadelphia, the good and the bad.

        1. re: cwdonald

          WOW ! CW - what a great response! <<<hugs>>>

          I especially like the idea of the seaport and the Barnes and Rodin museums!

          I will do some research on the Reading and Italian markets -

          1. re: few

            If you like ethnic you should definitely hit Han Dynasty in Old City. The good news in you're staying in a great restaurant area. Definitely hit Matyson on Weds/Thurs night for their weekly tasting menu. You have a ton of good lunch options in the area as well. The new Federal Donuts, Shake Shake, Underdogs, and Nom Nom Ramen, are all within 2-3 blocks of your hotel. If you wanted to go a little upscale there's Tinto, Village Whiskey, Tria, The Dandelion, Zama (sushi), Parc, Vernick, Rittenhouse Tavern...