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Oct 12, 2012 03:10 PM

Michel Richard's Central

Fourth time at Central and every time has been better than the last. Service is excellent and accommodating; food is outstanding, and desserts are to die for; don't pass up the six inch high Napoleon. The waitstaff has recommended Mon. Richard's famous fried chicken for my next dining experience there. Yes, each time has been a delectible experience.

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  1. Glad you mentioned the Napoleon. I've been wanting to try his millefeuille for a long time now.

    1. I had the fried chicken once it IS good, sadly they served the mustard sauce on the side and I didn't see it, still was excellent, but! there were leftovers and the following day noticed the sauce and it moved that dish up to an even higher level.

      1. Going again in a few weeks. I've had the fried chicken, and agree it was outstanding. What else do you recommend?

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        1. re: Zevonista

          Faux gras, lamb shank, short ribs, pearl pasta risotto, tuna burger, mac n cheese, brussel sprouts.

          1. re: Steve

            oh yes, the faux gras most definitely. are the duck rillettes still on the menu? they disappeared for a while.

            1. re: hill food

              They are not stated on the menu, only if they are part of the "charcutuerie platter."

                1. re: flavrmeistr

                  No. It's made out of chicken liver.

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      I see. Should have read further down.

                  1. re: Steve

                    Is the 'Faux Gras' made of something else ? Or is it ' Foie Gras' ?

                    1. re: 3MTA3

                      It is chicken liver - hence the "faux" . . .

                      1. re: drewpbalzac

                        It's about half chicken liver and half butter.

                        1. re: wineo1957

                          and heavy cream.

                          I saw a recipe for it once that included shitakes and a good dose of sherry (not the version in his book) and tried it, was pretty good (not as good as his)

                          here's one close to his to give you an idea: http://emilysculinaryadventures.blogs...

                          1. re: hill food

                            My gout is acting up just thinking about it . . .

                        2. re: drewpbalzac

                          I am SO sorry. I didn't know, I'll shut up now.

                          1. re: 3MTA3

                            oh don't 3MTA3 - this dish is like food porn. "then one night in a moment of wild abandon, for a unexpected twist on the anticipated gelee, we gently aroused fennel on the grill over smoldering hardwood, it was rendered accepting, receptive, smoking with the fever of the moment"

                            oh god I need a life.

                            1. re: 3MTA3

                              Also make sure that you either save some of your bread or get more if you get the faux gras. Their bread is fantastic - and the little grilled off pieces you get with the charcuterie plate are not enough.

                              1. re: drewpbalzac

                                I must admit that reading the love for the Faux Gras is great. To me, it, along witht he 48 hour short rib are the exact things I dislike most about Central.

                                Instead of the Faux Gras, have some real gras... chicken liver at Cork: rosemary bruschetta. Or get the duck liver at Dino as part of the charcuterie plate. Or Mintwood's chicken lover tartine ~ I love Montwood when its simple, not when its too fussy.

                                1. re: drewpbalzac

                                  Central and RIS do have about the best bread in DC. hopefully they will someday not be standouts (meaning the quality will become a given).

                        3. re: Zevonista

                          The faux gras is great. If you haven't tried their roast chicken, try that.

                          1. Aside from the fried chicken what other dishes are your favorites.

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                            1. re: agarnett100

                              I love the faux gras and duck rillettes (which apparently is now on the charctuerie platter), the roast chicken, skate wing (might not be on the menu now, but it use to be served with a ratatouille I believe...excellent!), frisse with lardons, and 48 hour short ribs. For dessert of course do not miss the kit kat bar.

                              It's been a while since I've been to Central. I really need to go back soon.

                              1. re: agarnett100

                                I combined the fried chicken with the mac and cheese and had a food gasm. If you're local, get the chicken to go and you get the nuggets and mashed potatoes.

                                1. re: Dreamworks

                                  I will have to take your word for it just can see myself ordering fried chicken or mac and cheese at a restaurant when I replicate that at home. I will have to try the faux gras and duck rillettes.

                                2. re: agarnett100

                                  Recently added to the menu is a Chicken Nuggets appetizer. So good.

                                3. The faux gras may be the best liver dish I have ever had . . . It crushes my gout but it is sooooo good.

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                                  1. re: drewpbalzac

                                    It is so fabulous and there is a good rendition of it in his Happy in the Kitchen cookbook. It's way easier to make than you'd think.

                                    1. re: reiflame

                                      I've tried that recipe, and it is easy but I felt it needed tweaking to get close to the restaurant's version. Richard is probably (like most chefs) playing his cards a little close to the chest although it is good as printed.