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Oct 12, 2012 01:53 PM

Two days in Bangor

My husband and I will be in the area for a job interview (his), and would like to check out some of the restaurants in the Greater Bangor area. Maybe a diner and a coffee house for breakfasts, a pub-ish place for lunch (sandwich or salad and a beer), and a nice place for dinner along the lines of a possible date night location. Any of the outlying towns are welcome. We'll be heading down to the coast after these couple of days and are pretty familiar with that area. place to do weekly grocery shopping?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Hannaford for grocery shopping.

    Fiddlehead for a nice dinner.

    Friar's Bakehouse for whoopie pies, sandwiches, soup. They have one choice per day. Cash only. Strange hours. No cell phones. Run by monks.

    4 Points BBQ in Winterport.

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      Just googled Friars...that looks like a must! Thanks for the tips!

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        I was at Friars about three months ago. Try the cornbread.

        Giacomo's was pretty good also.

    2. don't know if this is a moot point, but Cleonice in Ellsworth is a true gem of gems. We went twice in the wk we were in that area, a wk ago, and had the best paella i've had , incl. at Toro in Boston! big menu for such a small place; and the room is amazingly preserved, art deco-unique.

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        Thanks! Not sure if we'll make it over to Ellsworth, but if we do, Cleonice sounds lovely. Paella! Yummm!

      2. Giacomo's is the most popular "coffee house" type hangout, although Bagel Central is very popular in the morning. The Friar's bakery is a unique lunch spot.. very limited menu, but totally worth checking out. Probably the best whoopie pies in Maine, and their chocolate dipped macaroons are excellent. For a pub style lunch, Paddy Murphy's is exactly what you're looking for. I agree with Fiddleheads for dinner- great food, if not somewhat hit or miss (more often a hit). MAKE A RESERVATION! You can not walk into Fiddleheads, the staff will look at you like you have three heads. Always call ahead, even if you're hoping for a table in 10 minutes. Getting a table on Thurs-Sat night will usually require at least several hours advance notice.
        If you guys like good beer and music, check out Nocturnum. Their beer list varies in quality, but is always interesting. The food is good, but definitely of secondary concern.

        For outlying towns, take a drive down to Winterport. If you go as far as Rockland, you have some great restaurant choices. Primo is truly world class (and priced to match).

        Most weekly grocery shopping is done at any of the several Hannafords, but there is a Shaws as well. There are farmers markets and farm stands around too. I like McCalkin's in Hampden. The Belfast Coop is the closest thing to Whole Foods in the area. In Bangor you have the Natural Living Center, but they don't have nearly enough fresh produce or any meats/fish.

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          Great info, powermd! Our two lunches will hopefully be Paddy Murphy's and Friar's. Think we'll have better luck at Friar's on Monday over Sunday, correct? We'll have one dinner on our own, so if Fiddleheads is not our "interview" dinner, we'll be sure to reserve the week before. Thanks for the tip on Nocturnum, as well. Perfect. Still 3 weeks away :-(

        2. If you're going to be in town on a Sunday and Monday, you won't be able to go to Friar's - they're only open Tuesday-Friday. I recommend Sunday brunch at Bagel Central, a Bangor institution. The bagels are definitely nothing like New York or Montreal - really just round yeast rolls - but they are tasty. Dinner Sunday night would have to be Fiddlehead, though Massimo's is also good. Luna is closed on Sundays and Mondays and that's also good. Lunch on Monday, I'd recommend either Giacomo's or Paddy Murphy's. Dinner Monday, I recommend the burger at Nocturnem Drafthaus. It's the best in town. Sadly, a lot of the best stuff in the Bangor area is closed on Mondays. Oh, and groceries? Well, if it's still going when you're here you should try the Bangor Farmer's Market, 12-3 on Sundays across from the library. Barring that, the Hannaford on Union Street is the best in the area.