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Oct 12, 2012 01:50 PM

Wedding with no dairy, nut or sesame

Brother of the bride has tree nut and sesame allergies. Trying to also make the wedding kosher style, hence no dairy. Would love for son to be able to eat everything at the wedding. He's been to too many affairs where he ate before hand so as not to eat at the party. Chef willing to do kosher style (no shellfish,pork or dairy ) Suggest some pass around apps that would be good. Also an interesting salad or appetizer. The main course is fillet mignon or a choice of fish. Dessert is up for suggestion.
Give me something interesting. We'd love to make it a foodie event. Thanks all

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  1. Apps: "Lollipop" lamb chops if serving hot apps. Vegetarian spring rolls can be served without peanut/sesame sauce....tell the caterers what you'd need to omit. Stuffed mushrooms, stuffed dates...those should cheese in the stuffing. Mini tarts/terrines--can be vegetarian, chicken liver, beef, whatever.

    Plenty of fresh fruit and crudites....always welcome. Is this your son's wedding? Mazel tov!

    1. Beef negamaki, sushi rolls, caviar atop chopped egg on toast rounds...

      1. i do a fabulous dairy free cheesecake -- tofutti cream cheese and sour cream, earth balance...

        some sort of stuffed mushroom or tomato as app?
        are little meatballs too unrefined?
        little bruschetta rounds with a variety of toppings?

        1. dairy free chocolate cake for wedding cake? my friend also went to a wedding where they served all different kinds of pies which is easy to do dairy free.