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Oct 12, 2012 01:37 PM

jamón ibérico de bellota

Does anyone know where I can buy a whole jamón ibérico de bellota (and stand) in LA to have at my home (!)? If not in LA, online sites that are reputable/trustworthy for this? Thanks.

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  1. You can call La Espanola in Harbor City and ask them if they do, but I do not know of a place. In LA that sells the whole ham & stand. is a good mail order source.

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    1. You might check with these guys and see what they can tell you

      1. Jamón ibérico de bellota is difficult to import into the U.S. There are no good sources in L.A. that I or my wife (born and raised in Madrid) are aware of.

        La Espanola offers sliced jamón ibérico, but not a whole one. You MAY, however, be able to procure a stand there.

        Good luck.

        1. online you can try if you feel like spending a thousand bucks...
          I've bought other Spanish products from La Tienda and they're as authentic as they come. Just beware because you will forever receive daily promotions and rebates in your mailbox.

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            La Tienda is about the only way to get what the OP wants, just about anywhere in the US (outside NY, and I'm not certain the place I'm thinking of has whole legs available).

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              There's a store right by Las Vegas airport that sells bellota, foie, and will mail whatever you want:


          2. Guess nobody around here reads others' comments.....

            There is also a Spanish store, I forget the name, in the original farmers market on third street. Doubt they sell whole hams, but they may have a source for you.

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              The place in the Farmer's Market at Third & Fairfax is called Little Spain, and the food is pretty bland there. I wouldn't trust them for a big purchase like a whole jamon.

              And as for reading other's comments, I do. It just so happens that as I was typing my comments, the others chimed in just seconds ahead of me (note the time stamps).

              1. re: J.L.

                I only recommended the place in the farmers market since I recalled looking at their authentic Spanish food products. I did not expect them to sell him a whole ham, but if they buy them wholesale, maybe he could find out where they go through.

                And, actually, it wasn't your post I was referring to.... ;-))

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                  After 1 meh meal and a second bad meal there, I'd recommend avoiding Little Spain altogether.

                  1. re: J.L.

                    Well, you would know better, I have never eaten there. Was just a bit psyched to find a brick & mortar that sold Spanish products....seems to be rare out here.