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Oct 12, 2012 01:29 PM

Chronicle "Bites" supplement

Today's Chronicle included a small-format supplement called Bites, which they describe as "a special quarterly publication that focuses on specialty foods, cooking, and entertaining for the season."

It includes many double-page spreads focusing on a restaurant, wine maker, or food purveyor, with nice color pix and contact info.

The small print at the top of the pages promoting these business identifies Bites as an "advertising feature," but I would guess that the bulk of readers will not realize that they are reading about businesses that have paid the Chronicle to feature them. The whole thing smells wrong to me.

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  1. They still have a print edition?

    1. There's no reason to be dismissive of print media. I've been subscribing to the San Francisco Chronicle for twenty years and I'll be getting it until they stop printing it or I move away. For one thing, I have to work the puzzles in ink. For another, if I have to swat a fly, I don't want to use my iPad.

      As for the advertising feature, I've always thought the food sections of newspapers were biased toward advertisers anyway, but not everything in this supplement is advertising.