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Oct 12, 2012 01:04 PM

Aidez-moi! Need Suggestions for Dinner Tomorrow (Saturday) in Paris

In a shocking display of unpreparedness, I neglected to reserve for dinner tomorrow evening - my last night in Paris after a week. So far I've called Paul Bert, Le Chemise and Pirouette - they're all booked.

I'm here on my own, so a seat at a counter is fine by me and I"m staying in the 3me - don't mind traveling a bit but prefer to stay on the Right Bank. So far this week, I have eaten at Chez Jenny, Le Galopin, Terroir Parisien, La Bourse ou La Vie, Le Severo, Josephine Chez Dumonet, Pierre Sang Boyer and l'Office.

And if it's any incentive to help me out, I plan to share my impressions of all my meals while on the train to Amsterdam on Sunday. Here's what I thought of Le Galopin (short answer: superb).


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  1. I'd pray for a cancellation. Just get out your b-team list and make phone calls now (I see that it's 10:50pm Paris time) and tomorrow. What about Saturne? Rino? Septime? All seem to be of the type of place you have been visiting.

    Thanks for your excellent review of Le Galopin. You describe the kind of meal that brings us back there: when in its stride, ingenious and close to perfect. I look forward to re-reading it here and hearing your observations on your other spots.

    1. Call Maceo at 15 rue des Petits Champs in the 1er. Maybe they'll have room for a single. They have some nice smaller tables at the bar I like to sit at when I'm there alone.

      1. The croissant that you're eating on your blog post looks divine -- was it as tasty as it appeared? And, if so, please reveal the source!

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          BarAPain at 134 Rue de Turenne - close by my place and very good!

          1. re: ejcsanfran

            That place somewhat helped by Jacques Genin is across the street from Genin's place.

        2. Try Ober-Salé on the rue Oberkampf

          1. Love your blog - thanks for sharing it. Your enjoyment of Paris is quite evident.