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Oct 12, 2012 12:52 PM

Dinner at Waterville Valley?

I know there aren't many options there, but what do you think? Any places worth going to for dinner there?

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  1. I recommend Tell's (former William Tell) in Thornton, I know it's not right in Waterville Valley, but it's worth a visit.

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    1. re: H20ville

      Just a note, however on "Tell's". The original proprietor (the original restaurant "William Tell Inn" was in Alton NH) has closed up shop. It is no longer the great Swiss style food that it once was. The former inn in Alton is for sale (at last look). Their affiliate near Waterville Valley (I thought it was nearer Campton than Thornton, but what do I know) is already much different. So be aware that it's not the restaurant it was. It may still be the best option near Waterville Valley however.

      1. re: bunnyr

        It's true that Tell's is no longer a Swiss restaurant. It's no longer owned by Franz Dubach, the Swiss chef who was well known in the region for creating exceptional Swiss dishes. FYI, the William Tell in Alton, NH and the William Tell in Thornton, NH hadn't been "affiliates" for many years. I've known Franz and eaten at the Tell for many, many years - even during throughout the other ownership entities. My recommendation: forget about the William Tell and its Swiss food. Those days are long gone. The new "Tell's" is excellent in its own right and is serving good food in a warm and inviting setting. Just because it isn't serving Swiss food doesn't mean that it's not good! Tell's IS located in the town of Thornton.

    2. Gypsy's Cafe in Lincoln, awesome food!