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Oct 12, 2012 12:36 PM

Family diinner in Pacific Beach or LaJolla?

Visiting daughter for college homecoming with family in of 6 with wife, and kids age 20-11. Need a fun atmosphere, not white table cloth, and California quisine w good sea food as well. Wild card child will only eat beef as well. Suggestions?

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  1. Pacific Beach Fish Shop, and BYOB the wine. no corkage fee. do not go during peak times though. you can also try to call ahead and reserve the firepit, i've seen people reserve that so looks like they do that. they have a kids menu too but not sure about the beef, has like mac and cheese, etc

    1. In PB, the Fish Shop's not bad, but can be packed and messy, depending on when you go. You all have to stand at the counter and order one by one. Usually lots of children. The Catamaran, outside, is nice-- and maybe more special atmosphere for celebration. In LJ, that little food court with Rimel's, Porkyland, and whatever else is there can be fun. Eat outside and everyone gets what they want.

      1. Georges Ocean Terrace? I don't know exactly what you mean by fun, but that's the more casual venue that will still feel like a special occasion.

        1. Isabel's Cantina on Feldspar a 1/2 block west of Cass. Casual, fun (it's a former mechanics garage) usually pretty good cuisine (breakfast is really good) that falls mostly into the healthy California arena. Beef, chicken ahi, Mexican flavors, Asian flavors, a little something for everyone.

          We go to breakfast as a party of 5, seating and service has never been an issue.

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            Second this choice. Always good food, great service, and, like DD said, a little something for everyone.

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              I bet BC would like the 'soy chroizo' scaramble at Isabel's.

              1. re: cstr

                Sledge...always so kind to think of me..

                What would BC do? What would BC eat?
                ha ha ha

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              I thought about Isabels but I haven't visited. The space fits, but I never thought of the food as Cali cuisine.

              When I'm dining with family I like a calm enough setting to be able to actually visit with them. Nothing too crowded, or too fussy.

              Will the 11 year old eat fried fish? Check out the fishery's menu - it's a bit more upscale than PB fish shop but more relaxed

            3. George's at the Cove..ocean terrace in La Jolla
              The Shores restaurant/oceanfront patio in LJ would be your best bet..price point, seafood and view.