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Oct 12, 2012 12:12 PM

Raviolis next door to Comal? Belli opening up [Berkeley]

From Sept 2012 Diablo Valley News - Anyone heard anything else about this place? Apologize if someone else posted something, but I couldn't remember seeing anything about it before, and nothing showed up in a quick search.

"Paul Oprescu of Belli, who told me (columnist Ethan Fletcher) his new ravioli-centric restaurant was well under way and on pace to open next to Comal by October 16. Oprescu and business partner Damien Morrison have been busy, building out the restaurant using reclaimed materials including wood sourced from a high school in Kansas City and a barn in Ohio. They're currently hiring and Oprescu said he has been playing around with a pasta machine he just got imported from Italy. "I've been in heaven the last few days," he laughed.

Oprescu said he plans to just open for dinner to start, then phase in lunch a couple months later. As a reminder, the concept for Belli is an affordable but foodie-focused Italian restaurant in which all the pasta is made in-house with a heavy emphasis on raviolis—Oprescu plans to rotate more than 100 different types of ravs onto the menu. "I want to be to raviolis what Pizzaiolo was to pizza."

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  1. I walked by the other night, looked like they were almost ready to open. Pretty space.

    1. It was open Sun 10/14/12 when I walked by during Sunday Streets, I took 2 pics below.
      Grand opening Tues 10/16/12 starting 5:30pm

      Crostini w/ grilled aubergine w/ honey, smoked chili & meyer lemon $6
      steak sandwich w/ smoked chili aioli & arugula $8
      pork belly sandwich w/ caramelized figs $8
      american cured ham & cheese board $10
      wild mushroom & pork sausage spaghetti $12
      pappardelle w/ chicken liver $12

      panna cotta w/ strawberry gelee $6
      pumpkin & butternut squash mousse $7

      White win Glass $6-8; bottle $24-32
      Proseco Adami 8/32
      Espresso, Americano 2
      Red wine $5-8/20-32
      Soft drinks $3
      San Pellegrino 3/4
      Aranciata Rossa $2

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            They have their menu on the Web site now.

          2. No comments yet? Surprised.

            Walked by today and they were open for lunch. Menu in the window had one ravioli dish (rabbit with kale au jus--whatever that means), one main (Roman style tripe) and a handful of salads.

            I think I'll try to get there soon.