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Oct 12, 2012 11:30 AM

Business lunch sugestions in Westlake area

Can anyone suggest a place for a mid week casual business lunch for 18 people in the Westlake area near 360/Bee Cave?

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  1. Blue Dahlia Bistro or The Grove.

    1. If you are good with Tex-Mex, Lupe Tortilla just opened here and for a business lunch I think that is the best choice in this lovely part of town where a lack of good restaurants is the only major fault. And not just the best choice in light of so little competition for a business lunch, but a great choice in and of itself.

      Grove is next best- and was the best option until Lupe's opened IMHO- but check the menu first and see what you think. It is also a bit crowded and noisy- with terrible parking and not-so impressive details like plastic deck chairs at many of the tables. I personally do not care for the Grove, but for a while it was the only good option in the area for such a function.

      1. Tres Amigos is ok for Tex Mex. las Palomas is very good interior and has a nice private room.

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          Good catch on Las Palomas- I forgot that one. They have some strengths on the food side of things, and the atmosphere is definitely a bit quieter and more subdued than Lupe's. On that front I would amend my advice to say Lupe's or Las Palomas depending on the people attending and kind of setting you want (both are perfectly good for a business lunch- but within that realm one is definitely "calmer" than the other.)

          1. re: elpaninaro

            Oddly enough, I like a lot of the offerings in Westlake, even though they are limited. I like Bombay Grill, and in their divided set-up I'll bet they could accommodate that many people.

        2. We ended up at Las Palomas. The owner was very accommodating. We skipped the minimum fee to use the private room and just sat at two parallel tables. Thanks for all the suggestions.