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Oct 12, 2012 11:27 AM


In search of a lively pub and best Italian restaurant in Plymouth. Can anyone give me some recommendations?

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  1. The British Beer Company in Plymouth (6 Middle Street) has great beer on tap and probably just what you are looking for. Small, cozy food. Definitely lively the times I've been there.

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      Great. Thanks for recommendation. Will definitely go before dinner.

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        Their website says they have food. Do you mean don't eat the food? :D

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          The B.B.C. Downtown Plymouth location is a hole in the wall compared to their other locations which tend to be very large sports bars with huge menus. The small location has food because the law says they have to so expect a hot dog and bag of chips, but for all purposes they don't have food. I agree the BBC can be fun, cozy great beers, and usually PACKED. If it's too busy head to Driftwood Publik House or New World tavern.....both are a block from BBC.

          If you're staying in the immediate area you have two choices for Italian. Mama Mia's is a glorified pizza shop with spaghetti and meatballs & lots of red sauce choices. I'm NOT a fan but the place is busy. The other choice is Patrizia's Italy which is small and decent. Unfortunately I don't love her food or staff or her, but certainly you could do worse in America's Home Town.

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            cj, when T.Clark speaks, I listen! ; T.steered us perfectly to Blue Eyed Crab a few months ago.

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              Good to know, thanks T. Clark! I was confused when I read that, as a friend goes to another location and has had lunch.

              1. re: CookieLee

                Actually, there are more than just two choices as mentioned for Italian in Plymouth. Tuscany Tavern is a tiny restaurant serving up very acceptable Italian fare, reminiscent of Boston's North End. It may be the best in the area. Cafe Strega is also excellent as it's the same owners as Tuscany tavern but it's much larger in a pretty nice setting. And please don't discount Patrizia's Trattoria as mentioned just because of the backhanded "compliment" given. It's a very worthy choice, more authentic than most, and I've never had a bad meal there.

       (also has a link to the menu at Tuscany Tavern



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                  How could I forget Strega? Guess I confused it with the shuttered Enoteca, Oh well thanks CCGuy for catching that. Strega is bush league but definitely an option. I left out Tuscany tavern as I assumed the OP was looking for downtown options but the hobbit like atmosphere is reminiscent of the North End, as their web page says. If we're going out of town the OP could also consider IL Maestro (a ccguy fave) at exit 7 or Aroma's Tavern (yes their real name) in Manomet.

                  I stand by my Patrizia's backhanded comment, you could do worse in Plymouth, I mentioned most of them in this post.

                  1. re: T.Clark

                    For the record, I have never been to, nor recommended, Il Maestro in Plymouth. Calling it a CCG fave is innacurate and agenda driven hyperbole.

                    And in the interest of added accuracy, it's off exit 5, not exit 7 as is posted.

                    1. re: T.Clark

                      I went to Strega a couple of months ago because we were looking for something open late and we were starving and it was right there. I went in with my Italian husband - Italian as in he's only been living here for a year. I told him not to expect much, but we were actually pleasantly surprised. We had a mixed antipasto which we liked, was classic with no surprises but all solid ingredients. I had pasta, he had crespelle with spinach. The service was excellent, honestly. The only thing was we felt it was overpriced. Then again we think any plate of pasta for $22 is overpriced unless it has freaking gold shaved on top of it, so I don't know if we're the best judges.

                      We've avoided Patrizia's because the prices just seem crazy for the location and what's on the menu, even though I know the reality is you often have to pay that much for decent Italian food, unfortunately. With places like Gran Gusto close to home we usually can't bring ourselves to overspend that much in other places.

                      1. re: Bugsey34

                        Thanks for the report. Far more informative than the previous post with the singular, less than useful comment of calling it "bush league" with zero details or elaboration. It's been quite awhile since we've been, and now i wouldn't hesitate to sample it if in the area. Thanks again.

                        I can only dream of having a place like Gran Gusto,( or a few dozen other choices in Cambridge and Boston) available here on the Cape or nearby. People from the city are generally surprised that we often have to pay more for less here as to compared to the city.

                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                          I can imagine it's true - I've spent every summer of my life in Plymouth since I was 2 and I am embarassed to say that we always eat the same things - a lot of fish and chips and other fried seafood if we go out, and BBQ fresh stuff from the Lobster Pound when we cook at home. So I think other stuff that's a bit out of the box survives on more year-rounders and can charge more.

                          Have you been to the new places in Manomet? I''ve heard good things about 42 Degrees, parking lot was always packed this summer but I didn't go. I also haven't been to Aroma yet. I did try Rye Tavern this summer and was a bit disappointed.

                          1. re: Bugsey34

                            I've only tried Rye Tavern and like you, was not really impressed. I also have heard great things about 42 Degrees and plan on trying it. I live over the bridge so even though Plymouth is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, we generally don't venture there for dinner. And frankly, there aren't many options that warrant even the short trip. I also plan on checking out Aroma, (even given the snarky comment by Mr. Grumpy Pants above). I haven't seen any reports on it though, have you?

                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                              Oh the Cape Cod guy just can't let things go. 42 degrees North is a Kevin Hynes restaurant located in Manomet section of Plymouth. Housed in the old Foppiano's spot above a place called "The Wine Celler". Sometimes the lot fills up because of the wine bar downstairs (different owner) as I was told the evening I was there. Restaurant was half full, as was the wine bar. I have been twice now, once for lunch and once for dinner. I pretty much knew what to expect before going as this is a Kevin Hynes restaurant and Kevin has a long long history on the South Shore as a restaurant owner. His restaurants have always done well, catering to a clientele that enjoys a nice setting with mediocre food, huge portions, lots of promotions (early birds, two for ones, 1/2 price this and that). He has run or is currently running such places as Marina Bay, Bay Point Inn, Cameron's on the Green, Shank's at Halifax CC, Stockholders, Issac's, Dillenger's, and Paisano's. None of which are/were culinary destinations, but if you want to dine on a dime it may suit your expectations and budget as 42 degrees continues Hynes' formula for big portions, decent to poor quality ingredients, good prices and this time with a concentration on seafood. We chose typical grilled fish preparations with a starch and vegetable of the day type stuff, nothing memorable other than really sloppy plate presentations. Mac-n-cheese fritters, chicken wings, antipasto platter, crab cake were all sampled (not my choices heh!) and were just o.k., maybe i'm just not a fried mac-n-chees fan. A few wannabe chef creations sprinkled about the large menu that included steaks, chops, lobster, salmon, fried /broiled /baked clams,fried /broiled /baked scrod and anything else could be fried/broiled/baked as well. It's not terrible but it's not like they are going to try to be something that won't work in Manomet . All that said it should be pointed out that the Phantom Gourmet really really really likes 42 Degrees North and have featured the restaurant recently (you may want to check that out). Then again that may have something to do with Kevin Hynes being a member of The Andelman's Restaurant and Business Alliance (RABA) whose members seem to appear exclusively and not a reflection of great food. Anyways, 42Degrees did nothing for me but please report back after you've tried it.

                              P.S. the report on Strega was informative. I may go back to try the antipasto, pasta, and crespelle

                              1. re: T.Clark

                                If Phantom Gourmet likes it I probably won't. But will try it sometime and let you know. We visited Marshland a couple times this summer (old Sweet Lemons space) and had some good fresh scallops and lobster roll.

                                Haven't tried Aroma or heard any reports. That location is just so awful... the ceiling is so low it feels claustrophobic. It looks like they are putting something into the old Cumberland Farms so that may make the whole area look somewhat better.

                                1. re: Bugsey34

                                  Just got back from a satisfying trip to 42 degrees. If you're looking for good, freshly prepared, simple fare, you can certainly do a lot worse. The room was nice enough. The menu broad. Although it will never be confused with No. 9 Park, the food was quite tasty and cerainly a great value. In an area with LOTS of dreck, they should do quite well, despite the dreaded Phantom Gourmet review.

                                  I posted my impressions on the SE NE board.


          2. We enjoyed Driftwood Public House this past July. Excellent beer selection, lots of Belgians and killer fries. Steak and cheese pretzel is very filling for 2.