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Oct 12, 2012 11:09 AM

Tokyo itinerary --help resolve remaining night?


I will soon have 5 nights in Tokyo.
I do not have all reservations (too soon) but I am planning a preferred itinerary.

Thursday -- Kaikaya
Friday -- ?????
Saturday -- Takazawa (reservation secured)
Sunday -- Mikawa Zezankyo
Monday -- Ryugin

For the remaining night, I am currently thinking between:
Kikunoi, Ishikawa, Narisawa and Quintessence.

Narisawa has always sounded interesting and wonderful.
Quintessence is hard to reserve and unlikely. They are already booked, but I am on a waiting list.

Even so, I am thinking it might be best to have a traditional kyoto-style kaiseki dinner.
I understand that Akasaka Kikunoi is very good for this type of experience? Possibly Ishikawa?
Or can you recommend another? Something, perhaps, that can approach the level of Arashiyama Kitcho?

Thank you!

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  1. There are also branches of Kitcho in Tokyo as well, if you are so inclined.

    1. Ishikawa is not traditional style but it is very good. Highly recommended.

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        I might have the opportunity for a kaiseki meal this week.. and it will be the classic kappo Yamaji in Ginza.. Japanese Kaiseki with ‘foie gras’ actually does not interest me (new kaiseki Den), it will no doubt be good, but classic kaiseki is way more balanced on products, and autumn is a season with tasty ingredients !   
        Kyoto kaiseki, more cha-kaiseki, my preference is for Tsujitome in Akasaka. It is very classic, and very caring.. and tasty... the restaurant is on a basement unfortunately!