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Oct 12, 2012 10:00 AM

Dining recs needed for London trip

We will be traveling to London in June for the first time. We have 4 adults and 4 kids (8-16) who are willing to try most anything. I would appreciate any must try places or prior threads you can point me to for suggestions. We will probably have one high-end meal while we are there, but are mostly looking for good food at moderate prices. We are staying in Central London, Zone 2 but will obviously be out and about sightseeing.

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  1. Welcome to the board - that's quite a blank canvas to work with. Can you let us know where in zone 2 you're staying as local recs are often the best way to get started and zone 2 could mean a lot of places?

    Other than that there is a tremendous amount of information on various parts of the board. London is currently in the grip of 'no bookings' fever which won't really be appropriate for a group that size with children but if you perhaps could give us an idea of moderate prices per head (some people's moderate is £20pp including wine but others it's £60).

    Also what sort of cuisines are you looking for? Traditional British? Ethnic food etc?

    A few places to start you off:

    Bubbledogs: hot dogs (and champagne for the adults) in Soho. You can book.

    Delhi Grill/Lahore Kebab house or Bombay Brasserie depending on location and whether you'd like to try Indian/Pakistani food while you're here.

    Vietnamese on big tables on the Kingsland Road (personally I wouldn't bother going to Deptford with that many people in tow)

    A proper gastropub where the kids can enjoy themselves as well with a walk afterwards: I like the Draper's Arms but the Bull and Last is oft-recommended here and is brilliant and close to Hampstead for a walk. Or the Queen's is pretty decent fare and adjacent to Primrose Hill.

    Others will recommend traditional fish and chips for you.

    Hawksmoore Seven Dials is a great location for big steaks to share - and they come in sizes not portions so good for children.

    Personally I would avoid terrible chains even if they are easy, the standard is generally pretty dire.

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    1. re: ManInTransit

      Thanks for the quick reply. We are renting a place in the Greenwich Peninsula.

      We would like to hit both traditional British and ethnic. We try to avoid chains and and "touristy" destinations and look for good local spots. The places you've already mentioned sound like what we are looking for. Any other advice would be appreciated.

      1. re: islandguy

        Had a very decent lunch at the Trafalgar Tavern on the Greenwich riverside. Good quality pub food - definitely not a "gastropub". And, in June, it'll hopefully be great weather so you can eat outside.

      2. re: ManInTransit

        I can recommend Great Queen Street (32 Great Queen Street) for good food served in an environment that would likely be comfortable for both the adults and the children.

        I would also highly recommend going to the upper right-hand corner of this page and doing a search for London. You will find dozens and dozens of prior threads with helpful suggestions for you to review. Several of the threads address dining in London with children.

        Here is a past thread on dining in London with children:

      3. If you're going to be staying in Greenwich in June then I would suggest that you could get the DLR from Greewich to Deptford Bridge( 5 mins tops) and get some banh mi from Panda Panda.
        Then head back and eat them in Greenwich Park.
        I'ts what I do if I'm going to Greewnwich and the weather's good.

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        1. re: Paprikaboy

          Thank you all for the suggestions. The trip always becomes real for me when I start planning the meals.

          1. You're a really quick ride on the Jubilee line into London Bridge, so I'd also search for places on there eg Wright Brothers/Elliot/Roast, plus Borough Market of course which the kids would enjoy for grazing...but then also other places on the line eg Waterloo, Green Park...just do a search on here and then we can comment on your list. They'll probably enjoy going to Top Shop at some point by Oxford Circus, so have a look at either Busaba Eatthai or Roti Chai which are both nearby and kid/teen friendly (and good too!)

            1. Chaconia in Deptford High Street. Trini food. Good rotis, macaroni pie, specials can change daily. Not all fillings available. Just go and enjoy something! I don't like the Banh Mi at Panda Panda any more. Was put off after last visit.