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Pineapples galore. Hoping for recipe ideas.

I am travelling to Puerto Rico soon, and we are staying at a house in pineapple country. I will be cooking quite a bit, and was hoping for some non-dessert ideas to make for our host. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Pair with pork. Sweet and sour, Polynesian...
    Top a teriyaki turkey burger with a pineapple ring and quick pickled cukes.

    1. I made a really interesting and unusual pineapple curry from the Cookbook of the Month recently - you can find my review of the recipe here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/871607

        1. Spicy shrimp stir fry! Excellent. Stay tuned, I will post recipe later.

          1. Use in a salsa - with red pepper, red onion, chilli pepper, chopped coriander, lime juice. Good with pork.

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              Jealousy galore!
              My fave pineapple salsa formula is similar to Harters' only with drained rinsed black beans included.

            2. I just watched Rachael Ray make this:
              I think substituting pineapple for mango would work nicely. Or, make the pineapple an addition.

                1. Kind of desserty, but agua fresca and paletas.

                  1. If you're interested in a desert, Thomas Keller offers a great method for pineapple in TFL. You could make just the pineapple portion if you're not up for the whole thing and it would be great with some whipped creme fraiche. It's a really fantastic way to cook pineapple.

                    1. save those rinds and make pineapple vinegar. Wish I had a problem of too many pineapples...

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                        The rinds to make vinegar, interesting! Method or recipe please.

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                          Try this one Ruthie:

                          That's just one website, but there are many others, and I think, one or two recipes here on Chowhound. Just started my own vinegar a couple of days ago.

                      2. Grill! Drizzle with balsamic glaze and serve with a tangy cheese (chevre or crumbled feta come to mind).

                        1. Slice thinly, dry and use in many applications - savoury or sweet. Excellent with seared scallops, for example.

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                            Wow just bought some dry scallops yesterday, and still have fruit leftover from my vinegar making experiment. How to use with those scallops?

                          2. Salsa
                            facials (natural enzymes)

                            1. Watch for a pineapple truck to follow along a country road. The kind that is transporting pineapple mash to or from some factory or cannery. Oh the perfume.......

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