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Oct 12, 2012 09:44 AM

Small-bellied foodie needs help! Best Prix Fixe - all apps meal

As much as I'd love to have it otherwise - I simply cannot eat like I used to. Not just because my metabolism has slowed down to a sloshy, drunklike stagger but because I swear my stomach has shrunk. I used to be able to put it away all day long and now even the thought of that can make me queazy. I had an idea of how I hoped this trip would play out but I know in my heart that two big meals a day is just not going to happen anymore.

We will be there in April 2013 celebrating our anniversary. I lived there almost 20 years ago but my husband has never been. I want him to experience NOLA the way it should be experienced - WITH FOOD :)

We'll be there for 5 nights and definitely will do at least 3 long, leisurely meals but want I really want to do it TASTE. I want to try everything I can. So I'm thinking prix fixe lunches and HH at places with excellent apps. I'm a gin girl and my husband is a vodka kinda guy but he also loves a great beer too. We're also big fish eaters.
That's all I can think of for now.

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  1. La Petite Grocery and La Meritage both offer an abundance of small plates. In my opinion, the best prix fixe in town is August.

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      Ditto August prix fixe. CP, Emeril's and Coquette are also good for
      prix fixe lunch.

      Try Lilette for all,appetizer meal. Inexpensive proseco by the bottle as well.

      Best HHs. Domenica daily 3-6. 1/2 price pizzas, beer, wine, well drinks Many menu items are
      available as large/small plates

      Luke. daily 3-6. 50 cent local 1/2 shell. 1/2 price libations

      GW Fins' menu changes daily. Check to see if Scalibut (signature entree) is available. We have made a meal sharing numerous apps (softshell and sizzling oysters are terrific) and splitting entress. They will do this in the kitchen and serve in courses same as a tasting menu. R'evolution will do the same.

      Brigtsen's would be excellent for an all appetizer meal.

      1. re: JazzyB

        thank you for the replies. how do i get them to serve it the same as a tasting menu? do i just order a bunch of apps and tell them to split the entrees? or do i just explain the plan?

        1. re: vegan73

          Explain the plan. Spell out the sequence in which the apps should arrive, and let them know you want to take your time.

        2. re: JazzyB

          I like MiLa's prix fixe lunch too.

      2. I took my mentee out to Boucherie this week and would highly recommend it for small-plate eaters. We shared three small plates [the collards and grit fries, the boudin balls and the shrimp and grit cake] and one large plate [the brisket] and still had room for dessert [the bread pudding]. Everything was great, although the shrimp and grit cake was the least inspiring. The bartender was kind enough to mix up a one-of-a-kind virgin cocktail for my dining companion [she's 18], I had a lovely glass of pinot grigio, and everything came to less than $55.