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Oct 12, 2012 07:38 AM

Provincetown Lunch in October

Heading down to P-Town next weekend (let's all think good thoughts about the weather) and looking for a good place for Sunday lunch (could be brunch, if still served around 1PM). Fresh seafood would be the first choice, but imaginative sandwiches or an awesome brunch would be high on our list as well.

Hoping to get out for $25/head, not including beverages.

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  1. Victor's sounds perfect for you. They serve breakfast from 9-2 and start lunch at 11, so you have quite a lot to choose from. Food is first rate too and reasonable by most standards. Their web site has their menu.

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    1. re: thos

      Website front page suggests they might only be open for dinner now. I sent them an e-mail, will report back what they say. Do like the look of their menu, though!

      Turns out we're more likely in P-Town on Saturday than Sunday, if that changes the recommendation any.

      1. re: thos

        Victor's hands down. It's a drag brunch so lively and fun. Food is really great.

        1. re: phelana

          Heard back from them, they are only doing dinners now.

            1. re: phelana

              Good choice...was wondering if The Mews stopped lunch now too.

              1. re: thos

                The Mews shows a lunch menu as still being active. Better than Ross's?

                1. re: L2k

                  ehhh depends on the mood I guess. Like both, I think Mews is a bit better, but I wouldn't go to war over the issue. Just call first to check on any hours changes

                  1. re: thos

                    Mews e-mailed me that they are open Sunday, didn't mention Saturday, which is our more likely day.

              2. re: phelana

                I've had wonderful lunches at Ross's Grille..

                1. re: Beach Chick

                  Love Ross's. Also Fannizi's By The Sea may fit the bill. Simpler food. Reasonable pricing. Very fresh seafood-centric offerings. Beautiful waterfront view as well.

          1. re: magiesmom

            Napi has amazing variety and is quite reasonable. I have issues with Fanizzi's but they do offer decent value.

            1. re: thos

              It's between Ross's, Fanizzi's, and Napi. Not sure if Napi is open on Saturday, so sent them an e-mail.

              Thanks for all the help!

          2. And we're back!

            Ended up going down to P-Town both Saturday and Sunday (poor turnout for Fantasy Fair, at least during daylight hours, and no, don't google that from work).

            Saturday we were very pleased by the offerings and the view at Fanizzi's (I had the Lobster Grilled Cheese, DW had the crab cake BLT)

            Sunday we had fewer options at The Mews, but just as pleased with our Lobster Benedicts.

            Thanks for all the ideas!