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Oct 12, 2012 07:38 AM

A Few New Marigny/Bywater Places.

So hey ... there are a few new places in my 'hood that I haven't read
much about yet, thought I'd pass along a few thoughts:

Milkfish (at the Who Dat Cafe on Burgundy) -- These ladies are serving
up some killer Filipino food. The pork belly app was notable (who
cares if everyone's doing pork belly, it's still great stuff). We had
a rice dish with bitter melon, eggplant, okra, shrimp, and pork that
we nearly inhaled. We finished up with a hot yucca "cake" that was
sweet, salty, and a little gooey. Loved it. Service was casual and
friendly. BYOB.

We've Got Soul (at Marie's Bar on Burgundy) -- I guess I was the last
person to find out that Marie's, your average neighborhood bar, has a
kitchen and "dining room" in the back. Anyway, some stewed turkey
necks, Patton's hot sausage grits, and caramelized turnips made for
great Friday night take out. Chef dude was running between inside
kitchen and grilling on the sidewalk and the dressed to the 9s
waitress/factotum kept it all going. I was there early and was told
the food does on occasion run out.

Prime Grille (Dauphine at Louisa) -- Eh. The lunch we had there was
fine: the lamb burger was nicely cooked, the club sandwich was
impressively tall and tasty, and the blueberry cobbler was to die for.
That said, the prices were steepish, the decor bland (seriously,
they've made the Bywater BBQ interior even less exciting ... I didn't
think that was possible), and the service friendly but lacking. Worst
of all though was the use of flat tonic in my G&T. That's never, ever
acceptable. An uninspired dinner menu with entrees running $20+
didn't lure me back to try it again, there are too many better choices
in the neighborhood. Including ...

There's a guy cooking up taco/texmex stuff in the kitchen at the St. Roch
Tavern. No idea who he is or if he's there regularly but boy, the
bacon and avocado quesadilla went very well with a few Turbodogs and
live blues. The place is a dive (and apparently far less enjoyable
late night if you're not a hipster) but $3 beers and some interesting
flavors make it worth the journey across St. Claude.

Anyhow, it's fun seeing the comings and goings in these mini-kitchens
and, frankly, I'm glad to see this side of Elysian supporting places
like these. Cheers!

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  1. Great report montuori! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! This is exactly the kind of information we visitors to N.O. crave!

      1. I am new to the neighborhood, so thanks for this post. I must say I have dicovered a whole new world of ittle gems I never new existed.

        1. We have been to Prime twice, once for a filet and once for brunch, and like the food. It is on the high end for the neighborhood but worth it. The other two places you mention are doing food together for an opening tomorrow at 6pm at Homespace, across the street from the St Roch Tavern. Brandon is the chef there, and Tracey is the Soul food guy. The Tavern only hipsters out on Saturday nite. Enjoy!

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          1. re: StRoch

            Too bad on Prime Grille, as it's such a great location. I guess I was hoping for Bywater Bbq redux, just with much better service.