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Oct 12, 2012 07:13 AM

Greenville, SC Food Truck - Neue Southern

You know G'ville is food deprived when you have 4 people standing in line in a parking lot at 4:55 waiting to get some food truck. This was my first venture to Neue Southern ; it was the first day of their new menu. I had the Korean fried chicken and was very pleased. Great flavor on the chicken, seemed like good quality chicken. My only complaint would be not being able to specify what pieces I prefer, but it was no great loss, because I wound up w/ my least favorite chic part, the leg, and it was still pretty delicious. Slaw accompaniment was fine but not special.

I also had the pumpkin soup and send HUGE KUDOS for allowing it to be ordered without cream. I normally don't order soup out (except gazpacho) because there's no way to regulate how much fat is in it. It was very flavorful and actually fairly similar to what i make at home w/ other squashes. And yes, I'm sure a little cream would make it even better.

Worth a can find their hours/locations/menu on Facebook.

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  1. So here we are 9 months later, and I like Neue Southern even more. My only complaint in the past has been that's lots of the items are fried, feature pork belly or are otherwise high fat. But the current menu has a couple of lighter weight choices.

    I'm eating the "Spiced Produce" as I type and it is SOOO delicious. This is my second plate of this dish, it varies w/ the seasonal produce availability, but seems to always include chick peas and is absolutely delicious. Oh yeah, i already said that...

    Any Greenvillian food lovers who haven't gone to the trouble of finding the food truck are doing themselves a disservice!