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May 15, 2005 10:41 AM

Prosciutto in Monterey?

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Is there anywhere in the Monterey area where I can get freshly sliced (i.e. not pre-packaged) prosciutto and other cured meats? I'm not aware of any Italian delis in the area that would have these types of products.

If there's nothing in Monterey, Santa Cruz would be a second option as I work in Watsonville. Thanks for any suggetions.

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  1. Craig, how closely have you looked? I went to the store in San Diego last week and my wife had put on the list, "4 oz. Prosciutto," and I thought to myself, yeah, sure, good luck with *that*. Anyway I was shocked that the service deli at my local Kiels supermarket had a big block of prosciutto di Parma, and they expertly shaved off just over 4 ounces for me. Kiels features Boar's Head brand products, which should be easy to find in your neck of the woods. I can scarcely imagine the scandal that would ensue if it were to turn out that any well-regarded food item were more available down here on the borderline than in any hamlet north of Hearst's castle. Good luck!
    . . . jim strain in san diego.

    1. Gosh, have you tried Troia's Market in Monterey? It's been 25 years since I've stepped in that store, but it's still around and was the go-to place for Italian products.

      1. Do you mean prosciutto di Parma only or are you also open to domestic? If domestic, then I'm sure there are plenty of places in Monterey that sell it from the slab. I think Safeway even sells domestic prosciutto at their deli counter, so Whole Foods should have something of good quality. Nob Hill Foods in Watsonville should carry some domestic as well.

        For the real deal from Parma, you can try calling DeLuxe Foods in Aptos at the Rio del Mar exit. I have bought it from Shopper's Corner in Santa Cruz in the past.

        1. It's true that the Monterey area is deficient in getting good salumi.

          Pre-packaged product abounds, but to find a cold cuts counter where they stock (or heavens forfend, make!) top notch deli meats is nigh impossible.

          As Melanie hopes, Troia's was a good place to go, but alas the last time I went they too have become more similar to the Nob Hill/Raleys/Safeway counters.

          However I will stop by in the next few days and let you all know if they do slice good product.

          By the way Whole Foods does NOT handle deli meats very well. Andronico's would be a better bet, but none exist in the MP.

          1. Stopped in at Troia's the other day and the deli counter is a far cry from the old days. More like a Nob Hill counter (after the miserable buy out by Raley's).

            So no freshly sliced fact no prosciutto.

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              This is so sad. I used to love the aroma of salty olives, cheese and cured meats when you walked in either Troia's or Mediterranean Market in Carmel. How's Mediterranean doing these days?

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Mediterranean Market is now a furniture store. The family found that they could make more money on rent than on salami. So sad.