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Oct 12, 2012 05:21 AM

Magnetic Knife Strip

Anyone own one of these?

Here's my dilemma. Recently got married, and for our registry, we received a beautiful duo of Wusthof chef's and paring knives. We already owned a knife set in a block that I don't partcularly care for. Calphalon; they're nice, but pretty entry-level, and not nearly as nice as the Wusthofs. Currently, they are stored on our island, next to the knife block in magnetic sheaths purchased at Williams Sonoma. Good sized kitchen with little cabinet space and no counters besides the sink (hence the island). The sheaths are great for protection, but obviously, they're just lying around. So, my solution is to get one of those wall-mount magnetic strips and, eventually, get rid of the knife block.

The wife seems cool with the idea, since I do most of the cooking. But, since I only have the two Wusthofs, the strip will look pretty bare, right? Suggestions?

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    1. re: wattacetti

      Thanks. I know I need more knives evetually. I was concerned about the strip itself. Do they work well? Any specific brand? Could I just go to home depot and macguyver myself one?

      1. re: eastbroadway

        I have 3 metal-finish magnetic strips myself because of a specific placement within a drawer; purchased at IKEA for something like $16 apiece.

        They all pretty much work since they're magnets - the primary difference is surface finish and how they're installed. Look at how you're going to install them as well as your kitchen decor to choose what's best.

        1. re: eastbroadway

          Home Depot should actually have magnetic "tool bars" (my Dad loves his). You can compare price and design with the ones that are labeled for knives.

      2. To echo wattacetti....Buy more knives, but go slowly and try them out first. You'll fill up that strip and then some in time.
        I'm in the process of setting up a new kitchen with less space than my previous one and put up 2 magnetic strips I bought from IKEA,Inexpensive but strong and well designed.

        1. If you don't have enough knives to fill them up, put other tools up there. I hang my microplane, tongs, all kinds of stuff on my knife rack.

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          1. re: sparrowgrass

            Great idea. Since the kitchen space isn't ideal, it's important that we maximize every inch. Hopefully, I figure out someplace to put the pots/pans, but that's another discussion all together.

          2. UsFoods Culinary Equipment Supplies sells Magnetic Knife racks with hooks, so you can hang other utensils as well. I have one, I love it!

            13", 18" or 24"

            1. Magnetic strips are great. Even if I had the counter space for a block--which I don't--I'd prefer the strip because it's so convenient. Everything's visible and easy to grab, and there's never an issue of which handle is which, which knife fits into which slot, what to do with the knife that doesn't fit into any of the slots, etc. Mine came from Zabar's, but it was many years ago and I can't recall the brand (and I'm at work, so can't check). It really doesn't matter much; just get one that appeals to you and is easy to mount. For what it's worth, the instructions that came with mine strongly emphasized that to protect your knives' cutting edges, you should always place the blade on the strip spine-first and remove it cutting-edge-first. While you're building your new knife collection, you can temporarily fill the strip with your Calphalons and get that clunky knife block off the counter!

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