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Oct 12, 2012 05:06 AM

Prosciutto Wanted

Hi guys, I'll be needing some prosciutto for a meal I'm cooking tonight and it's not something I usually purchase. Any recommendations on where I can get some? I'm in NDG so closer is better but will travel.

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  1. Fromagerie Atwater. Fromagerie Hamel in Atwater, I think Charcuterie Tours has some as well.

    1. Try The Italian Pantry on Monkland and Beaconsfield

      1. Do you want it thin-sliced or chunky (to be rendered or something else)?
        If you want it thin, most any grocery (Super C/Loblaws on St. Jacques, Provigo on Sherbrooke @ Cavendish) will have the pre-packaged stuff. San Danielle is pretty good.
        If you want it chunky (or even if you want freshly cut thin), you'll likely have to have it sliced from whole.
        I passed by plenty of times, but haven't been, but Pâtisserie Charcuterie NDG on Upper Lachine @ Melrose should have the whole leg. Likely Esposito on Sherbrooke @ Wilson.
        Unless your an officianado *and* since your cooking with it, I would choose a lesser expensive domestic than an import. I think "Johnny" prosciutto is made in Montreal and is pretty good.

        1. PA has vacuum-packed sliced Canadian prosciutto on sale. Quality is decent.

          1. You’ll find it at any of the major supermarkets, but check out pasta Casareccia (5849 Sherbrooke West) or Boucherie Tranzo (6536 Somerled).