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Oct 11, 2012 08:39 PM

Barraca report

Well, we expected it to be good, as one of our favorite chefs, Jesus Nunez, could certainly do no wrong. We will miss his wonderful, artistic, innovative dishes at Gastroarte, but the consolation prize is that Barraca is practically across from where we live. I hesitate to write this only because it could become very difficult to get a table once the world becomes aware of it, but my sense of duty to report great food prevails.

The (much more traditional than Gastroarte) food did not disappoint, nor did the service, atmosphere, or welcome. This is a great addition to the neighborhood, and is worth a trip from elsewhere. The sangria Valencia was excellent, and I look forward to trying the other offerings. We started with 2 tapas, the octopus and the piquillo peppers stuffed with oxtail stew, but there was a mistake and we ended up with the pulled lamb sandwich rather than the piquillo peppers. By the time we realized that, we had devoured most of the lamb sandwich and it was delicious. Octopus was a bit chewy but quite tasty. The paellas are the stars here. We had the Paella Negra (squid ink infused rice, artichoke, monkfish, squid, and shrimp) and Paella De Tierra (chicken, rabbit, pork belly and pork ribs, string beans and fava beans). Both were generous portions and perfectly executed.

This was a lot of food., I could see having 3 tapas and one paella for 2 people, with maybe a shared dessert. Usually a restaurant that has only been open about 2 weeks would be sparsely populated, but Barraca seems to have quite a following already. Every table was occupied and everyone looked very happy. I look forward to returning and wish them every success.

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  1. A separate section on cocas! I will have to try the restaurant, and the cocas, soon.

    Thanks for the report. If you have been to Tertulia, can you venture any comparisons about the food at both places?

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      Sorry, haven't been to Tertulia.

    2. I found Barraca disappointing. The tapas shrimp were cooler then room temperature soaked in unseasoned oil, the meatballs were uninspiring. Sangria was beautifully presented at the bar, but upon trying them were all too sweet. Mixed seafood and squid ink Paella were good, but over salted. Service was average.

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        I agree the tapas were not exciting, though the ones we had were good. The sangria was sweet, but aren't all sangrias sweet? It was certainly more interesting and complex than the usual. I did not find the paella oversalted at all. What was the problem with the service?