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Oct 11, 2012 08:18 PM

Paulie's Pickling [San Francisco]

A recent article in Jweekly.com highlighted Paulie's Pickling, a Jewish deli and pickle shop on Cortland Ave. in San Francisco:


Has anyone been? I'm always on the lookout for good Jewish deli food. Thanks!

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  1. I really like their brisket sandwich. Thick slices of moist flavorful brisket with Russian dressing on a good hearty dark rye... And its always tough to decide which side salad to include with that. I love the pickles too, but its the sandwiches that keep me coming back.

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      o.k. you had me at brisket, but the hook is chopped liver. I've been eating Paulie's pickles with my sandwich at Jersey's

    2. In recent weeks I've had a chance to try a few things from Paulie's Pickling in Bernal Heights. I liked the chopped liver and the brisket but the problem with both sandwiches turned out to be the bread. The dark rye I ordered for the chopped liver sandwich was stiff and stale. Trying to learn from this, I ordered the brisket on an onion roll. The roll was heated in the warming oven along with brisket and got overbaked and tough on the outside crust. Sigh. It's really a shame as that sandwich could have been killer . . . as it should be for the $11.50 price.

      I had better luck with the morning lox and caper cream cheese on a House of Bagels everything. That cream cheese really makes this special. And now that I learned not to trust the bread here, I bought a container of excellent smoked whitefish salad to take home.

      I love the spicy pickle spears. My favorite of everything though have been the sodas, made with seltzer and the syrups crafted by Paulie's neighbor. Blueberry shrub, ginger-celerale, and honey-cardamon, all great.

      Closed Tuesdays


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        Really enjoyed my brisket/chopped liver combo on an onion roll. If you don't blink you can see me taking a quick bite of it on the corresponding Check Please episode!

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          I had a chopped liver sandwich here a few months ago and am not a fan. The bread was pretty weak on mine as well. The chocolate egg cream was pretty good though.