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Oct 11, 2012 08:02 PM

Anywhere to get real buttermilk in Raleigh/Durham area?

I'm looking for the stuff that's left over when you make butter, not the normal store stuff.


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  1. Most whole foods stores should carry it. Not sure of the brand but they are in the returnable glass jars. I was startled when I first purchased it because it wasn't the thin yellowish milk product that I was used to but a thick and yogurt like.

    1. Try Maple View Farm. They describe their buttermilk as "The taste like grandmother used to make. The best friend cornbread and biscuits ever knew." Here's their "where to buy" page.

      1. Are there any vendors selling butter at area farmers' markets? I've never looked, but would assume they could sell buttermilk as well. You might have to request the week ahead.

        You could always make your own butter, and get the buttermilk too.

        1. I am a big fan of Maple View Farm...theirs is the only cream I am aware of around here that has 'cream' as the only ingredient. No thickener, no seaweed gum, nothing but cream. It has a touch of a wonderful funky animal aroma that's just fantastic.

          I usually have their buttermilk on hand, a must-have for okra, cornbread, waffles, etc. Couldn't do without it. That said, making cornbread tonight made me think about this thread, and I see that the ingredients on the cap lists the usual suspects as thickeners.

          So it's an excellent product that satisfies your 'not the normal store stuff' requirement better than anything else I know of, but it's not quite the pure unadulterated blast to the past that their cream is. Still highly recommended.

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            While their buttermilk is much better than the other mainstream brands on the grocery shelf, it is still a cultured product.. I too have been trying to find "real" buttermilk in the area, but have not been successful.

          2. You know that you can make your own buttermilk by churning a pint of heavy cream in a mason jar.

            And when I say churn, I mean shake the cream filled jar like a Polaroid until the butter solidifies.