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Oct 11, 2012 07:19 PM

Noodles for chicken soup

Every Thursday I make chicken soup and egg noodles for Shabbat.
And yet, I haven't figured out if and how to heat up the noodles before I serve, and what the beat dish/type of dish to put them in. What do you do?

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  1. I wrap the noodles in foil and put the packet on top of the soup pot. They're warm, and don't cool down the soup too much, but don't get too mushy while sitting on the blech.

    1. I just rinse mine off in the colander and put them in a ziploc bag. I then leave the bag on the counter so that they are room temperature when I add them to the soup. This obviously only works for noodles I make on Friday for same night's dinner:) I also ONLY use the really skinny and short Manischewitz brand noodles.

      1. Cook, drain, toss with a tiny amount of oil or chicken fat, set a plate atop the bowl. Set it on the corner of the blech remote from the heat, or on the counter.

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          Thanks all. I think I wasn't all that clear... I make the noodles on Thursday night, so there's kind of cold and cool off the soup. GilaB's idea is not bad, I might try that, I'll put them in a small aluminum tray and place on top of the soup pot.

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            Take them from the fridge when you get home, and set them on the counter.

            Or, if you get home really close to Shabbos, then on Thursday make sure that you put them in a microwavable container on thursdays, then on Fri
            . just before Shabbat, add a teaspoon of liquid and zap them very briefly in the microwave, then proceed as per Gila or Lenchik.

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              I would cover the tray, so they don't dry out. I've never found added fat necessary, although they do stick together a bit until they hit the soup; I just loosen with a fork as I transfer each portion of noodles to the bowl.

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                When you cook the noodles, drain, rinse, and add a drop of olive oil. Make sure to toss well. The noodles stay more pliable when in a closed container, rather than covered with plastic wrap.

                Take the noodles out of the fridge as early as possible on Friday. I leave the container near the blech and they come to room temp pretty quickly. My blech runs very hot and something sitting next to it will lose its chill.

                I use wide or extra wide egg noodles

            2. I take them out of the fridge when I get home from work and microwave them for 30 seconds. When I put them in the soup, I swish it around with the fork. Lately, I have been using the small square noodles called "farfel" and the kids prefer it to the skinny noodles. Personally, I don't know why they are called farfel, but that's for another post.

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                It comes from Middle High German "varveln", which meant "noodles", or "noodle soup".

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                  I know the root. That's why I serve them around this time of year--because the decree is farfallen. Whatever is going to be in the new year is going to be. But, the kind of farfel I was always served as a kid was not those square noodles, rather the course stuffing-like stuff. I think we may have discussed the various forms of farfel on another thread. It's amazing how many kinds there are.