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Oct 11, 2012 07:20 PM

Market Place or The Junction - Asheville

Visiting over Thanksgiving (I have another post for Thanksgiving Day) most likely we are going to The Blackbird for Thanksgiving Dinner, Curate for lunch on Friday, and The Admiral on Saturday night.

I am looking for Friday night for dinner 11 adults, 4 children.... Market Place or The Junction?
We have a reservation at The Market Place, but the menu looks small and The Junctions looks good.
On my list also is Cucina 24 or Posana Cafe, Chestnut. Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. I've never been to Market Place, but I've heard good things. The Junction is really, REALLY good. I don't know that they have a kid's menu, but when we went with friends w/ kids, the staff went out of their way to put something together that a six year old would like. I believe pasta and cheese were involved--big surprise! ;) They do seem to get some family traffic, so they may have some kid options in place by now. The menu changes regularly, be aware. There are also trains across the way that might provide some entertainment for the kids. I'd definitely get reservations--it's not a huge place, and it's hard to say whether the outdoor seating would be an option by Thanksgiving. Good luck!

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      I'd pick The Junction, especially with the kids. And definitely call ahead with a group that large.

    2. I've not been to the Market Place yet, but we go to the Junction all the time. The staff is lovely and we've seen several families with kids in there. A couple of things you may want to consider are ambience and parking. The Market Place has live music on the weekends, which may make it difficult for a large group with kids to carry on a conversation. Again, I haven't been there yet, so it may be a non-issue. Also, if you'll have cars, there is a large, free lot right across the street from the Junction. Oh, and the food is awesome! (: Like dingey and miss piggy suggested, you should call ahead for a large group. Hope you have a great night.

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        I love The Junction! One of my favorites in Asheville. I'd like to also try Market Place soon, just haven't gotten around to it.

      2. so where did you end up? These are two of my favorite restaurants - but very different. The Junction is good and has stellar cocktails but often the pace of service can be a bit "relaxed" . The Market Place has a fine, professional, consistent staff and their Chef/owner is very creative. I would agree that the Junction would be better w/ kids as it's more casual and noisy.

        1. I know it's a little late for your post, but I just had to say that Junction has probably one of the best things I ever ate. Seriously, that smoked salmon hash they serve for brunch is unbelievable. Sadly, we only had it that one time, but when spring comes and we return, it's on the top of my to-do list.

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            Mmmmm... The salmon hash at the Junction is fantastic! It's my favorite brunch item. We went with a group the other day at 11am. All of us are from Texas, and none of us knew about the NC blue law about no alcohol before noon on Sundays. We dutifully sat there and sipped our water for an hour before we ordered! :D (Just to add, we wouldn't have done this if they needed our table.)

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              fyi, the guys at the Junction are really friendly about making their gorgeous cocktails into something non-alchoholic and still delicious. Sometimes I just can't deal w/ alcohol at lunch, especially in the's nice to still get something fun to drink.