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Oct 11, 2012 07:11 PM

Best for 7-yr old boy's birthday dinner?

Looking for a place for dinner for 6 ppl for my son's seventh birthday. Thinking Benihana or serendipity but wanted other suggestions. Midtown would be best but will go anywhere in manhattan. Thanks!

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  1. How about Blue Smoke or Hill Country for barbecue or Momofuku Noodle Bar for the fried chicken dinner? Or maybe Ruby Foo's though I haven't tried it.

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    1. re: fm1963

      Thanks -- those are great ideas.

    2. If your son likes grilled meat, perhaps he'd find a Korean BBQ place like Madangsui interesting. The only problem is that it helps if he can handle a little chili, though that isn't essential.

      1. El Parador a good mexican place on 34th has a downstairs room that would be very friendy for a 7 year old dinner

        1. If you're thinking Serendipity just make sure you make a reservation (and it has to be 2 weeks out from the date at least). My teen wanted to go there for her birthday lunch and we were faced with a wait of over an hour.

          We opted for pizza at Patsy's and a trip to Dylan's candy bar...I concur with other's suggestion of Hill Country barbeque or korean grilling (Kang Suh is one of our usual places to go). Have fun!

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            I'd have trouble recommending either Serendipity or Benihana. My kid isn't even a NY'er but even though she initially found Serendipity fascinating, by the end of the meal she wasn't that overwhelmed. And while she had been begging to go to Dylan's she did agree that they didn't have anything we couldn't find in Target for an awful lot less.

            It depends on the child. Mine would opt for the Korean BBQ in a second, too. The suggestions here are pretty good.

          2. How about Sushi on conveyer belts at East.