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Two Gay Foodies and a non-foodie Mom on the Strip - premiering on Bravo this Fall

Ok. Not really. But my partner and I are visiting LV with my non-foodie mother next month and looking for a nice, but not too intimidating, experience for a dinner. We (partner and I) have loved L'Atelier Joel Robuchon in NYC but think it may be a bit over the top for mom. I'd love Jose Andres' place but the foam and liquid nitrogen might scare my mother. Bouchon would be nice but looking for something unique. Le Cirque?

By the way, I took Mom to Taillevent in Paris a few years back and that was pushing it.

Budget isn't an issue but lack of intimidation combined with a (near) foodie experience is the goal!


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  1. How about Twist by Pierre Gagnaire? Gagnaire is into molecular gastronomy, but not to the degree found at e by Jose Andres. You can check it out online at http://www.mandarinoriental.com/lasve... (there's a link to a menu on that page). I thought that Twist wasn't as good as the very best in town (Robuchon, Savoy, and e), but it's still very good - and the service is excellent.

    1. Love that you took Mom to Taillevent..

      Where are you staying on the strip?

      Country Club at the Wynn is traditional but fab food.
      Trump for happy hour
      Emerils at Delmonico's at the Venetian
      Michael Mina or Le Cirque at Bellagio
      Bouchon...Verandah at Four Season...Peppermill for breakfast
      Charlie Palmer 'cut of the week'.
      Oyster Bar at Palace Station..off strip local place..great seafood
      Milos at the Cosmo for lunch..3 course.. $20.12
      Hugo Cellars downtown at the 4 Queens for old school.
      Lotus of Siam for lunch/dinner (off the menu) is one of the best for Thai..evah...divey strip center on Sahara close to LV Hilton...off the chain good.

      Have a wonderful time with your partner and Mom!

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        We're at the Aria and she's at Harrah's but can always grab a cab. Thanks for the reccs.

      2. My partner and I love Sage. We always feel very welcome there. The food is amazing, inventive but not at all "strange". Check it out.

        1. Does your Mom like seafood? I'm wondering if Bartolotta at the Wynn might fill the bill?

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          1. I too would avoid Andres'
            I've eaten at his places in DC (including minibar) and yeah, while I love them, I'd never take a parent ("what's this? I inhale and then eat a nibble?" can we just get a pizza afterwards? you paid WHAT for this?)

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              Tallivant for lunch I think is less intimidating... But great you took your mom there since the food is great.

              how about Charlie Parmer Steak the cut? Heard great things about it.

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                While I wouldn't recommend é, there's nothing very (potentially) intimidating about Jaleo . . .

              2. Lotus of Siam. Delmonico's for steak is a fine choice, too. Bouchon has been solid the 4-5 times I've been.

                1. Of course the obvious question -- well, to me, anyway -- is exactly how "non-foodie" is your mother?

                  Does she like Thai food? Then Lotus of Siam (LOS) is a must! It's off the strip, in the most unintimidating strip mall on the planet, but the food is excellent and there are some "adventurous" dishes for you and your partner to enjoy, as well as the "basics" for your mother.

                  Bouchon would certainly work, and while it's not necessarily unique, it's quite good.

                  As I noted elsewhere, I agree that é would be too intimidating, but the "main" restaurant, Jaleo, is wonderful.

                  I wasn't all that impressed with Barlotta when I was there . . .it wasn't bad by any means but, for us, lacked that certain "spark" to make it a memorable experience.

                  What about Scarpetta? Michael Mina or Nob Hill Tavern are other choices . . . .

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                    She's not very foodie. Her idea of a special dinner to take her 2 sons out was embers at the Imperial Palace. It doesn't look terrible, but for a special dinner I want a bit more. Currently thinking if going to Bouchon with Mom, where I've been before and love, and then maybe Twist with my partner. Or would you recommend é for a great foodie dinner?