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Oct 11, 2012 04:58 PM

JING yogurt

Does anyone know if any stores in Manhattan carry it? You can order it off the menu at Hot Kitchen and I always stock up on it at the New World Mall grocery in Flushing. It's styled after the yogurt you can buy on the street in Beijing that's served in a glass jar and drunk with a straw. It's tart and sweet and refreshing. Closest thing I've found in Manhattan is the fresh yogurt the Vietnamese delis sell, and although good it's not quite the same.

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  1. Its website shows one place:

    New Kam Man Llc 新金门超市
    200 Canal Street
    New York, NY 10013

    tel: 212-571-0330

    1. oh they sell that at hot kitchen? i like that stuff, i always get it at this taiwanese restaurant i eat at when im at home in CA