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Fried Chicken?

Where do you recommend?

DTSD and surrounding environs preferred - if at all possible.

Did a little searching and it seems like Bonnie Jean's is oft-mentioned as a good choice.

Tried the version at Craft and Commerce the other night and it was ok, but there has to be better. (A better option would've been just to skip the chicken and head straight for the Cookies & Milk dessert me thinks.)

Any leads other than Bonnie Jean's?

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  1. Place called Crispy Fried Chicken (or something like that) on El Cajon Blvd near Winona, south side, red sign, yelllow letters.

    It's not a fancy establishment.

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      Crispy Fried Chicken
      4919 El Cajon Blvd
      San Diego
      619 582-3938

    2. Sab-E-Lee. Not southern fried, but very good.

      1. Pretty sure Cowboy Star offers it on Sundays

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          I think C Star offers it 1x per month, second Sunday. Probably best to call 1st

        2. Pretty good (spicy) fried chicken at a Convoy Street Korean place under new management. Cooked to order so call ahead or wait about 25 minutes.


          Sunday Supper at Cowboy Star is the best restaurant fried chicken (imho) in SD, but they only feature it every 4-6 weeks in the fall/winter months.

          1. On Tuesdays, the Linkery has fried chicken and 1/2 price beer flights. I haven't tried it yet but keep meaning to get over there.

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              Linkery fried chicken is cooked perfectly, crunchy exterior, moist and juicy interior...but they douse it with a sweet, honey based sauce which is not my favorite flavor profile for savory fried chicken.

            2. Just read that THIS Sunday is fried chicken Sunday Supper at Cowboy Star. Wish I could go!

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              1. Red Tractons also does a fried chicken dinner on Sundays as well. I'm not a fried chicken guy, but the spouse just loves it.

                1. I must say that the the fried chicken at Chicken Pie Shop is pretty darn good.

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                    Wait for it, wait for it......,....good ole Popeye's is hard to beat for a 3 piece meal under $5 with weekly coupon. They have evolved and passed even KFC's legendary mash potatoes and left them in the dust. KFC have been there for me since childhood but Popeye's is just incredible, esp during lunch and dinner time where the chicken is fresh n hot.

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                      Yikes. I have to disagree on this one. Big time. We just went tonight because I really wanted fried chicken. I have been to Chicken Pie Shop twice before but never for fried chicken. You need to order the whole dinner--not good. Salad = iceburg lettuce, institutional quality ranch dressing and nothing else. Split pea soup--ok. Corn--out of a can. Mashed potatoes--ok but no flavor. Gravy--bizarre yellow tint, very very salty, no flavor. But the fried chicken: the crust was made from very very finely ground bread crumbs, not flour. It was a mess to eat. Best I could tell, no seasoning except slt. The chicken was very very over-cooked--especially the drumstick--the crust/skin had a burnt spot (easy to tear off so no big deal) but the inside--the chicken was actually overcooked it was discolored and dry dry dry. I could not eat any of the crust/skin beyond the initial couple tastes and only ate a bit of the inteir white beat from the breast. The pie--peach in our case--was okay. Not going back. Ever. Even though the price is right....

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                        Rookie mistake.

                        One does not dine at the Chicken Pie Shop for the food.

                        It's only for the irony.

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                          Well, you do realize this is sort of "white trash" fried chicken right?

                          The baseline for this comparison would be Swanson's frozen dinner, I think. So with that as our food compass, I would say that the fried chicken is pretty darn good.

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                            Yes, I knew it was a white trash sort of place and hadn't been in years but was craving fried chicken so I gave it one (one final!) try. I think it is worse tha Swanson's...(Although it has been 30+ years since my mother served me that stuff)

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                              Cowboy Star has fried chicken for the LAST TIME this year TONITE!!!!

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                                Went to Cowboy Star tonight for fried chicken. So good.

                        2. The jsix kids meal is $7 (think boneless fried chicken) and would easily feed a hungry adult (or 2 ravenous kids, in my case).

                          1. Just had some pretty good fried chicken at Sister Pee Wee's on Imperial; loved her gravy as well

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                              You should post your picture Tony, it looked incredible.

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                                Per request, the chicken at Sister Pee Wee's