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Oct 11, 2012 03:57 PM

Oggi's Pizza and Brewery in OC

anyone been before ?

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  1. The good: they have a nice beer selection. The bad: I'm not a fan of their food at all.

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    1. re: JAB

      Cool, thanks. I presume the food is a la BJ's Chicago Pizza chain ?

      Do they serve brews beyond the Oggi's Brewery Beers ???

      Thanks a bunch.

      1. re: kevin

        Way worse that BJ's. They have a nice selection of major label craft beers besides their own. The one time that I sampled their amber, it was literally undrinkable.

        1. re: JAB

          in that case, i may have to stay away... worse than BJ's is pretty bad.

    2. Ive been to the one in garden grove, right by Disneyland. I cant say anything about the beer, but the food was blah.It was a very forgettable meal.

      1. Which Oggi's. They are a chain, but I think that the quality varies wildly. I have tried to like the one in Tustin as a good place to have lunch and watch the early days of March Madness, but I have written the place off. In general, I prefer BJ's for a generic chain brewpub.