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Oct 11, 2012 03:43 PM

How do you keep your kitchen towel handy while cooking?

I love my cooking towels, but I haven't yet found a good way to keep them handy while cooking. I seem to always need to search for them on whatever counter they have been thrown on and when things get hectic I have to remember to of course not put them too close to any open flames. Do you do the wasteband tuck? Not sure, why I haven't figured out a solution to this. I keep a few stored on the handle of the oven and usually fold them up after cooking for storage, but folding and putting them back everytime they are used while cooking is somewhat impractical.

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  1. I keep mine draped over my right shoulder. I'm left-handed, so that keeps it out of the way, but handy when I need it.

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    1. re: tracylee

      i use the same method - over my left shoulder because i'm right-handed.

      1. re: tracylee

        that's it, just where I need it.

        1. re: tracylee

          Me too. Works great, except for the multiple occasions when I'm looking all over the kitchen for it because it's not in its usual resting place (hook next to the sink).

        2. I keep mine hanging off the handle of my fridge, which is near the stove.

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          1. re: Kat

            That's where mine is when I'm not cooking.

            1. I use my towels to wipe up many various things, any worries about whatever you're then putting on your shirt or transferring to the food?

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              1. re: fldhkybnva

                Not really. I usually use a sponge for wiping counters and stove-top. Mostly the kitchen towel is to wipe my fingers or dry them after rinsing, since I hate stuff on my fingers. I wear my grubbies around the house, so I don't worry about them getting dirty.

                1. re: tracylee

                  When I was 15, attending a well known cooking school in Paris, the drill was:

                  1. Apron on an tied correctly, with the towel folded into the RIGHT waist area of the apron.
                  2. The towel is to be folded NEATLY twice, before tucking it into the apron..
                  3. The smock, hat, apron, and towel are to be kept CLEAN at all times.
                  4. A good cook or Chef creates good food, but NEVER WEARS it.

                  This was the marching order barked at us, and maintained by the Executuve Chef, who also insisted his flatulent pet dog be allowed to stay in the kitchen at all times. Over the years, I can no longer remember name of the Chef, but amongst my fellow galley slaves we quietly called him " Fido, Baskerville, or Tintin."

                  And that is when we were being kind.

                  Today at home, no hat, rarely a smock, 99 % clean, and only Nr. 1 still applies. Alas, no dog.

              2. I keep mine in several parts of the Kitchen,dining room,living room, get the idea.
                A kitchen towel is seemingly everywhere but where you need it for is TV remote,car keys,cell phone,reading glasses........

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                1. re: Duppie

                  In restaurant kitchens, we always tied our aprons in front, which gave us a handy towel- hanger.
                  It's been a while, but I still do it.
                  I'm messy in the kitchen, so I generally wear an apron.

                  1. re: pippimac

                    Yeah. I should know better. It was drilled into us also in school but I don't usually wear an apron and after 5 minutes draped over my tends to migrate to other parts of the house.

                    1. re: pippimac

                      this ^ from pippimac. I tie the apron in front, tuck one towel in the front, and another in the back, in case I need 2. I always wear an apron- I feel naked in the kitchen without one.

                    2. re: Duppie

                      Exactly, "seemingly everywhere but where you need it." Yesterday, I found the "lost" towel on the couch...

                      1. re: fldhkybnva

                        Exactly! I had been missing a salad plate (I only keep a set of 4 of everything out), and it was driving me crazy. I was looking at my gadget shelves, deciding what could be stored in labeled boxes to clear room, and finally "saw" the plate on the top shelf with various random hardware pieces on it.

                    3. I fling it over a shoulder. drives my DH crazy, because he can never find the towel. :)