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On the hunt for Bottarga in Rome or Florence

Hello all ! I am in Rome now enjoying a wonderful week... I have a couple specialty shops to check but wanted to ask you all if you might know a place to find Bottarga? I have found it on a couple menus but want to buy some to bring home. I am staying in prati but use the metro all the time so willing to check out a few places. Might I find it at a market? Will also spend sunday in Florence so can look there too. I realize it is not from this area but is on enough menus that I am hoping to find some. Thanks !!

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  1. Go to the central market in Florence. It's around 15-25 euros.

    1. check at Roscioli. I know they are selling Colatura now (which is amazing IMO) so they might also have Bottarga.

      1. In Florence you can definitely pick some up at Pegna, where you'll also probably find a lot of other goodies to bring home with you.

        In Rome, La Tradizione will certainly have it. It's located right around the corner from Pizzarium, just in case you want to make an outing of it. Otherwise, Volpetti in Testaccio has it too.

        Your other option in Rome is of course Eataly, where you can also have lunch or dinner and shop for other things as well.


        1. Castroni and Franchi, side by side on Cola di Rienzo in Prati, both have it - in whole, vacuumed form as well as grated in jars.

          1. you guys are great !!

            I will check out some of these shops to see what else is about...my apartment is less than 15 mins from pizzarium...... cept for when I got lost first night haha

            I stopped at Trionfale Market this morning (AFTER the pounding rain and thunder lol) & the place where I have been buying cheese & cold meats had just got some in !!

            Lucky me !

            I am still on the hunt for pistachio cream (butter).

            I am looking forward to Florence as well.

            Thanks again for all your help & suggestions !!


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              Again, castroni to the rescue: they have two types of pistacchio cream, salty and sweet. The chain sicilian pastry store (sciue sciue?) has some too, but even more expensive.

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                Thank You !!!

                And there will be several guests at dinner ~ back in Canada who will thank you too !!


            2. hello again !
              I wanted to post an update to my thread on Bottarga

              I had found a jar of grated Bottarga at Castroni and then bought several vacuum pkg at trionfale market

              well I opened the jar first and was :O ... it was fish food... the texture/taste/OMG

              Not good

              I thought maybe I had had too much wine the first time I had Bottarga and had wasted a lot of euros in buying my new stash

              I waited a couple months before making fresh pasta again and finally opening one of the pkg that I bought at the market

              IT WAS AMAZING !!!!

              that one pkg of bottarga was served two ways..one just on the fresh pasta with very good olive oil..the other on 'dead onions'... thin slices of sweet onions cooked for hours till butter soft and fragrant...then the bottarga tossed in at the end with the pasta/onions ..

              like a subtle anchovy (basque of course ;-) )

              anyhow... would hate for someone else to waste 10E on a jar of grated bottarga...go for the solid roe and grate it yourself

              it is a special taste of Italy for sure


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                There is a company that is now salting and drying Black Mullet roe on Anna Maria Island Fl. they buy the Roe from a local wholesale fish house that has contracts with over 60 mullet fisherman. The main quantity of Mullet is frozen and then shipped to Italy to be made into Bottarga. I have purchased both the Italian and the local and as for taste the local is very buttery with all the qualities of a a fine Italian version. I am very satisfied with the local product.
                email first before odering to see if they have it, the Mullet run just ended so I think they should be in good supply.


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                  Thanks for the intro to both bottarga and pistachio creme - we will be visiting Rome in a couple of weeks and will be sure to taste this on a menu. I am wondering what you do with the pistachio creme - and if and how it traveled back home?

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