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Oct 11, 2012 02:43 PM

Mango-jasmine sorbet at Mitchell's [SF]

Last night I was at Mitchell's for the first time in quite a while. I had the mango-jasmine sorbet, which was very good. The texture was very smooth, and the flavors were bold—lots of mango at the beginning (though not overly sweet), followed by a floral jasmine after-taste. I'd definitely get this again.

I sampled the lucuma. Nice creamy, fruit flavor, which almost tastes like butterscotch. Not as good as lucuma ice cream that I used to eat in Chile, but better than I remember Mitchell's being (last time I tried it was probably 5 years ago).

Meanwhile, one of my ice-cream-companions had the buko (young coconut) which was worse than I remembered. Too sweet, too milky, not enough pure coconut taste (in my opinion).

Also sampled pumpkin (lots of spice flavor, like a strong pumpkin pie) and kahlua mocha cream (which was very good if you're into kahlua flavored ice cream).

Prices are reasonable, lines aren't too bad now that it's autumn.....still definitely worth a visit.

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  1. oh that sounds interesting, i'll try to stop in to analyze the mango-jasmine.

    i sampled the lucuma a couple of weeks ago but ended up going with the avocado, which i thought sustained itself better over a full serving.

    i was planning to try the lucuma at BRASA CHICKEN in berkeley ... how does their lucuma compare to MITCHELLS?

    hmm, BUKO was a precious favorite. i usually like the asian/tropical fruit options more than the newfangled lavender, salted caramel etc flavors.