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Cook's Cook Shop in Central London/markets/cheapo eateries request, anyone?

does anyone know of one that i can visit pls?looking for equipment from utensils to bakeware.

am staying 5mins away from Euston St. and would like to make this visit a foodie themed w/e.

going to visit borough (i know, i know it's over hyped/priced etc), pimlico and marylebone markets too - if anyone has got anything else to suggest then that would be helpful too.

and lastly, cheapo eats. whether it's from a stall or from a cafe... looking for authenticity, not bothered about decor, just flavours and vibrancy in the dishes.. am keen on all kinds of asian/med/mid.eastern etc..

thanks in advance

ps. tis my first post, so treat me kindly! thanks!!

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  1. In terms of your cheapo eats I think you'll need to be more specific about what you consider cheap and also asian/med/middle eastern etc covers a lot of ground and there are loads of options in London.
    Try searching for Indian, Spanish Lebanese etc.

    I can help with the cook shop though. You're not far from Divertimenti on Marylebone High St.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      well, anything that a students can afford to pay - guess, at a stretch £7 for mains.. won't be bothered about wine or anything. am used to cooking an array of oriental dishes from cantonese/hakka, some korean and japanese. some iranian/italian/spanish dishes too. last time i came to visit, had enjoyed a cheap grilled fish stall in portabello once for about a fiver.. altho' it came with fries (not great, but at least there was some carbs, and salad)

      isnt' divertimenti rather posh? or is this the best one that is closest to me? thanks paprikaboy for your quick reply!

      1. re: irridium

        Divertimenti is quite posh so probably not a good rec for a student.
        If you're prepared to travel the you can get good Indian/Sri Lankan food in East Ham or Tooting at reasonable prices.
        Tooting is easier to get get to from Euston and I really like Apollo Banana Leaf on Tooting Broadway.
        If you want central London then Bonda on Sussex Gardens near Paddington station is a good Malaysian canteen. I also like Patogh on Crawford St off Edgware Rd. it's a Persian place and it's about £7 for grilled meat, salad and giant breads iirc.
        Quite close to where you are staying on Eversholt St up near Camden is Asakusa which is a good Isakaya. Prices are quite reasonable.

        I'm sure others will chip in with more options.

    2. Hi,
      for cookery equipment,
      as you have posted here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/860532
      you will probably know about http://www.newloonmoon.com/
      9A Gerrard Street W1D 5PN

      As for cheap eats near Euston :



      Kind regards

      1. You're quite close to the cluster of ethiopian places on caledonian road - I've only ever been to marathon, and I recommend that on an absolute rather than relative scale, and it's pretty cheap for the area.

        I also tried the Azeri place, also on Caledonian road right near kings cross a couple of weeks ago. It's interesting, particularly if you order some of the more persian-sounding dishes and probably more in your price range than a lot of places in London.

        There's also a Korean place - spicy grill I think it is - on Golder's Green high street, so straight up the northern line, which does very reasonably priced lunch deals.

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        1. re: lacemaker

          thanks for all your replies, folks. i would be interested in buying decent quality brands as opposed to cheapo versions that most non-foodie ppl buy. mainly stuff for piping or tins.

          once again, thanks. i'll work out which restaurants that i can get to in relation with the markets..

        2. Have you looked at the Lakeland website? Their stores aren't really in London proper, but they're everywhere in the suburbs.. Kingston, Epsom etc. Their products are good quality and don't usually break the bank. You can get the things delivered.

          1. Cheapo eateries suggestion:

            - Mooli's: cheap (~£5-6) but absolutely yummy Indian wraps in the heart of Soho (Frith Street) (http://www.moolis.com/menu). The Goat mooli is the best and most flavoursome in my opinion

            - MEATliquor: tasty burgers (~£6-7) packed with bold flavours (citrusy tang from pickles is quite strong). there's often a queue (http://www.meatliquor.com/


            - Kopitiam: inexpensive (~£6-7), tasty Malaysian food at 67 Charing Cross Road. Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Wa Tan Ho, Chicken Curry Laksa are especially commendable there

            1. For more trade-related stuff its worth trying Pages at 121 Shaftesbury Avenue... Ta J

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              1. re: Jon Tseng

                thanks for the tip jon re. Nisbets of Shaftesbury Ave, but is the public able to go in as I always thought they did trade customers?a

                think I might go for for someone's reccy of -

                Indonesia Mini Market
                57 Charing Cross Road (1st Floor)
                Unit M-9
                WC2H 0NE

                has anyone been yet?

                although, Kopitiam (above will be checked out to compare the two as they're on the same street) looks promising.

                Lakeland isn't really what i was looking for as they're not that comprehensive enough for my needs.

                many thanks for everyone's choices.

                went to Pimlico this morning and found it v. friendly and v. everyone had samples to try... tho' Borough was way too busy and quite a bit too overhyped. in future, it's better to support the smaller markets when i come back next.

                  1. re: limster

                    yes limster, it was your reccy that caught my eye! have you been in recently? i thought i would check this out after visiting marylebone market and divertmenti and then after that i'm keen to check out columbia flower market and spitalfields (last two i've been before). just hope this whistle-stop tour isn't going to be too much of a squeeze when some of the stations will be inoperable this w/e (as per usual!)

                    1. re: irridium

                      Haven't been recently; been checking out the Chinese stalls along the area instead. Love to hear about your experience when you go. Thanks!

                  2. re: irridium

                    Ah yes I knew Pages has rebranded but forgot who it was.

                    Yep you can walk into Nisbets and browse around. Quite a fun place - for all the obvious reasons!

                    Prices are obviously decent, but don't expect stuff to be cheap - professional gear rarely is


                1. If you're going to borough market anyway, worth the walk to maltby street market, nearby, Saturday only, I think. Small but every stall is quality and there's a great buzz.

                  1. For catering equipment, try Denton's by Clapham North tube station. You could combine it with a visit to Brixton Village/Market Row, where you'll find a lot of cheap eats. There's a whole thread on the various foods on offer.

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                    1. re: greedygirl

                      Hey Limster!

                      Went to the Indonesian place today and due to us not being shown a menu, had to ask my neighbouring customers what they could recommend and 2 of us got the rice with two meats*- one was a stewed beef (quite cold, in a dark dryish sauce) and a coconut milk curried lamb/mutton topped with fried onions and served on a banana leaf. although the older lady had told us what she could offer, we couldn't understand what she meant. my daughter had the limster's reccy of the noodle soup and the "springy" meatballs and she said she liked it v. much altho' I didn't think the broth was that tasty. yes, it had a meaty flavoured stock, but i think it had MSG in it . The two curried dish was hotter than i expected (from v. warm till it lingered with a kick later on) but I seemed to have made my experience much worse by trying out the green chilli/fishy flavoured condiment. V. tasty but way too hot!! had to ask for water. Yes, rather embarrassing to have shown the 'locals' that us foreigners were definitely newbies on the scene!

                      all in all the service were polite, friendly and smiley. the bill for 3 dishes at only £14, so it was good price.. would I go again, yes, but I'd have to have certain dishes pre= translated before I make the right decisions (and no, i didn't read limster's list previously)...

                      * would of liked a salad to accompany this dish

                      1. re: irridium

                        Glad to hear you enjoyed it. The place somewhat haphazard but there a is printed menu somewhere. Also, have a look at their website and see if they have an up to date menu. I think their dishes change pretty often.