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Oct 11, 2012 01:49 PM

Has anyone tried this carrot and ginger soup?

There are a few others from the food network I am considering. This one has white wine and was wondering if it's really necessary. Below are the other two I am considering. Thanks.

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  1. Haven't tried any of those yet but after reading them I'm going to try this one:
    with the adjustment to cook the carrots with the onions and celery and hold the ginger and garlic out until just before adding the stock. I see no reason to cook the garlic and ginger as long as the recipe suggests and I don't want to caramelize either of them. Not that caramelizing ginger is necessarily a bad thing, but it should be done over steady low heat with sugar added, not medium high heat as the recipe suggests.

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      Why not the other recipe from the food network with more carrots in it?

    2. Hmm.... Dunno about the white wine. One of my fav soups for years is awfully simply. Saute (and brown if you have the patience) a small onion in butter. Add as many peeled chunked carrots as you like and then chicken broth TO COVER. A good glug of orange juice or the zested peel of one orange. A slightly less than 1" peeled chunk of ginger. Cook until the carrots and ginger are soft, puree (in blender or with stick blender) and then salt and pepper to taste. Adjust thickness with orange juice or more broth.

      Great on it's own or with toasted chopped almonds or a dollop of yogurt or sour cream.

      I swear, in the cold dark winter months, it'll cure what ails you. It's an anti-scurvy soup!

      1. jandj, I haven't tried any of the linked recipes you mention but I adore this version. It's both refreshing and spicy. If you like the 'zing" of this combo, consider this recipe.

        1. I haven't tried any of those linked either, but Andrew Weil has a nifty carrot ginger soup that I swear by:

          1. It isn't bad with cauliflower added, if you have plenty of good ginger.