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Oct 11, 2012 01:36 PM

Fun Upscale restaurants in 15th arrondissement

Hello everyone - I will be at a hotel in the 15th arrondissement for dinner (alone) Saturday and lunch with a friend on Sunday. Pretty comfortable dining alone, yet really would like an upbeat atmosphere with good food, formal or possibly informal.

Sunday open to anything yet again, prefer an upbeat atmosphere. Thanks in advance for suggestions ....

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  1. Must you stay in the 15th? If so, the 15th is sprawling. In which area of the 15th will you be?

    1. Fun and upscale in the 15th don't go together at least in my mind.
      For upscale: I found the view at Ciel de Paris 7/10 but the food only a 5 (others have liked it better) open 7/7
      Fun: Cantine du Troquet Dupleix 7/7 but not fancy
      Best compromise between fun and upscale would probably be Axuria (often mispelled Auxuria if you're searching) also open 7/7

      1. It's fromage ou dessert, fun or upscale, and you cannot usually have both together, especially in the 15e — an arrondissement with some upscale but very short on fun.

        I'd recommend getting an exit of 15e territory visa (just kidding) and go to nearby 7e and 16e where options abound.

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          How about compromising for somewhat fun and midscale and good food at Casse-noix in the northern 15th.

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              Duhhhh! Memo to attention.

        2. Le Quinzième on the rue Cauchy off the rue Balard is upscale, Michelin-starred, and sorta fun.

          Or La Coupole on the boulevard Montparnasse. Not the best food but the people-watching and the buzz are superb. In the 14th but all roads in the 15th seem to lead to Montparnasse in any case.

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