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Oct 11, 2012 12:57 PM

Eat Street Social

I figured I wouldn't resurrect the thread where the person was unable to eat at the restaurant.

Went for lunch yesterday. For those who haven't been, the space is striking. Lot's of natural light and dark woods. One of the prettier restaurants in the cities.

I didn't get a chance to try the cocktails (I would have tried a mocktail, had their existence been brought to my attention by the waitress).

I went for the Rutabaga soup and Watercress salad w/ Duck confit. Wife had the Reuben.

The soup was nice, albeit a bit literal (it's pretty much cream of rutabaga). I could have used a bit more of the tasty crostini, as it was a large portion. The salad, too, was large, with tasty components that did not make a ton of sense together. Crispy duck on the bone paired with aforementioned watercress, candied cayenne peanuts, brie and shaved fennel. The salad was under-dressed, which was disappointing as the advertised mustard-lemon vinaigrette might have helped unite the disparate elements a bit.

The Reuben was very solid. Nothing unprecedented, but the bread held firm and the meat was nice and tender. The fries were the matchstick style, but better than average for the genre.

Service was fine, and given the paucity of upscale places along that corridor, it's a nice addition, and I would be keen to return for dinner.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Eat Street Social. Love the atmosphere, the food, the drinks. I haven't been there since they moved to the fall menu, but the summer sangria was delicious. It's probably not worth going into details, since I don't think either of these items are on the menu anymore, but I've had the gnocchi and several of the small happy hour crostini and they were all great!

    1. Breakfast there is solid. I agree that the space is very nice. We've been there for breakfast a couple of times and the place was not busy. I'd imagine it might get a little loud if there was a larger crowd there.