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Oct 11, 2012 12:53 PM

ISO Don Pepino's pizza sauce

Has anyone seen this in Boston area grocery stores? Bonus points for stores in the JP/Brookline/Newton area...TIA!

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  1. I have definitely bought it at Whole Foods. Call the nearest one to see if they have it.

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    1. re: mjg0725

      Thanks, mjg0725, I haven't seen it at my WF so I will extend my search to those a bit farther afield.

    2. I've seen this almost all the mainstream grocery stores, like Shaw's or Stop & Shop.

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      1. re: Prav

        we have been looking for years and have never seen it in any supermarket or WF. We bought it from a small market and called Peppinos and found that the date was expired years ago so now we just look at the can.. We wanted it because it is supposed to be less aciidic and spiced than others, and surprisingly enough we have found the Del Monte Pasta Sauce , $1 per can at MB is actually much better than most. Curious for someone else to try it and tell how it compares to Peppinos

      2. Holy shit powella! Don Pepino's!

        If you are familiar with the pizza cognition theory espoused by Kenji from you will appreciate the fact that the first pizza I can recall from actual memory is Dominic's Pizza in Silver Spring, MD, a square pizza joint with Keno and Bud Light on draft and pictures of my highschool football team's black and white pictures on the wall... I found out at age 16 when I started getting into food and cooking that they used Don Pepino's sauce for their pizza. I loved that pizza. I went to Giant and bought cans of it and thought it was the most delicious tomato sauce of any kind, ever. I ate it at room temperature out of a can with a spoon while watching Saved By the Bell. I spent 2 weeks trying to replicate it at home when I was in the 11th grade. I failed. I love Don Pepino's. Long live the yellow can and curly mustache.

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        1. re: Mike5966

          Thanks for the smile, Mike 5966. Curious juxtaposition of answers by Prav and chompie. I'm gonna have to pound more supermarket pavement and see what I come up with. Or, I could just order from Amazon......