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Oct 11, 2012 12:21 PM

Places to purchase lobes of foie gras

Please direct me to where I can buy foie gras. Coming from CA, and staying in Collegeville over the Christmas holiday. If you happen to know the price as well that would be great.TIA

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  1. DiBruno Brothers. I would probably go to the one at 17th and Chestnut. They have the ability to ship it, though I do not know if that is illegal to ship it to California for personal consumption.

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      Thank you for the heads up. It's illegal if I intend to sell it, but my intention of course is to enjoy every single bite!

    2. I was in the Italian Market today and noticed that D'Angelo Bros' sign said "foie gras" on it. In any case, you should call ahead to make sure wherever you hope to purchase the product has it in stock or can order it for you ahead of time.

      1. Joel Assouline (of Assouline and Ting) used to carry it but I haven't seen him in years. Worth a try.

        1. Esposito's has it but it's frozen. Don't know if that makes a difference.

          1001 S 9th St
          Philadelphia, PA 19147
          Neighborhoods: Italian Market, Bella Vista
          (215) 922-2659

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            I would recommend Hudson Valley Foie Gras

            Also D'Artagnan

            Not sure if the CA law prohibits having foie gras shipped to you for personal consumption or not. I would check prior to ordering.

          2. I was at the Center City DiBruno Bros. over the weekend and they had a single 1 lb. piece of foie gras in the meat case. I talked to the guy behind the counter for a few seconds and he implied that it's not something they keep in stock, but they do sell it on their website so I'm sure you could call them to special order it and go pick it up in the store. I didn't catch the price, I think it was around $80.

            If you know this far in advance where you'll be staying though, it seems like you could just order it from anywhere and have it shipped to you wherever you're staying.