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Oct 11, 2012 11:39 AM

Lincoln in South Boston

This new spot from the Paramount folks opened up last week and I managed to pop in for a drink and a late bite the other evening. First of all the space is huge: tall ceilings, an interior that goes back forever, exposed brick, two bars and even a small stage in the back. The menu is pretty straight forward and safe however when I was there they were only serving their late menu which consists of apps and pizzas. The margherita pizza was decent and the red wine (forgot the varietal) my DC had was good. Service was professional and friendly. While it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and I look forward to trying more stuff on the menu I can already tell that I won't be coming back on weekends when I'm sure it will attract the Stats crowd. Nothing wrong with that, I'm just too old.

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  1. Ha. Thanks for the report. I was wondering when these would start trickling in. I had very high hopes for this place, but lately reality has begun to set into my expectations, as I ponder the location and likely clientele. I lived right across the street from there a few years ago, behind Pan Asia.

    I, uh, didn't go out much in the area.