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Oct 11, 2012 11:38 AM

Girl's SF Weekend Dinner Suggestions- Please help!

We've got a party of 8 that will be staying in the Union Square area of SF, and we need some good restaurant suggestions for Friday & Saturday nights. I'd like to have a range of price and cuisine options to present to everyone. While we are not looking for super upscale, places that accept reservations would be helpful- we know it's hard to seat 8 people on short notice. Please help!

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  1. For this weekend? Take a look at NOW.

    St. Vincent, Jardiniere, Colibri, Chez Papa, Bluestem, Zare at Fly Trap, Fringale, E&O, Le Charm, Farallon, Chaya Brasserie, Coco500 are some choices.

    1. Yes, OT is far and away your best bet for seeing what's available and what isn't. You can always call directly - a lot of places restrict how many tables are available to OT to leave room for last minute walk-ins - but OT at least gives you an idea of backup possibilities, which is VERY important on a weekend with such a large group. Good luck!

      I will say that you will need to expect to pay the price for dining downtown, no matter what. You are in the business/tourist district, so to get into less expensive places means a taxi ride, a long walk, or public transit schlepping, for the most part.

      A place I have not tried but am reasonably sure you could get into, is the new Brasserie S&P at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, straight down on Pine St. towards the Ferry Bldg. The old restaurant, Silks, was seldom ever crowded unless conventioneers were staying at the hotel. They are also on OT.

      1. La Mar can usually accommodate big groups