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Oct 11, 2012 11:35 AM

The OverDraught Irish Pub

Has anyone had experience with the Overdraught? Service, food, noise etc.

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  1. I am about 95% certain this place is owned by Molson's. Set your expectations accordingly. Nothing particularly special (or Irish).

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      1. it's crap - it is owned by Joe Badali's.

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        1. re: dannyboy

          i forgot why i disliked it so much - it's so fake that the books on the shelves (in typical pub style of course) are not actually REAL books, they're actually props that look like a shelf full of old books lol

        2. No steak & kidney, no Irish.

          1. Was dragged there for a work lunch once last year. It's your typical pub grub, along the same lines as a Firkin. Our server was super friendly, the food itself took a while to get out but it did all arrive at the same time (there was 7 of us) and it was hot (temperature-wise). Pretty low noise level, had no problems hearing the folks at the end of the table. Might have something to do with the padded booths inside. Don't recall what I ordered but I do remember being pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as horrible as I anticipated it to be!

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            1. re: fickle

              " wasn't as horrible as I anticipated it to be!"

              Damning with faint praise, fickle. :)