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The OverDraught Irish Pub

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Has anyone had experience with the Overdraught? Service, food, noise etc.

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  1. I am about 95% certain this place is owned by Molson's. Set your expectations accordingly. Nothing particularly special (or Irish).

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      1. it's crap - it is owned by Joe Badali's.

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          i forgot why i disliked it so much - it's so fake that the books on the shelves (in typical pub style of course) are not actually REAL books, they're actually props that look like a shelf full of old books lol

        2. No steak & kidney, no Irish.

          1. Was dragged there for a work lunch once last year. It's your typical pub grub, along the same lines as a Firkin. Our server was super friendly, the food itself took a while to get out but it did all arrive at the same time (there was 7 of us) and it was hot (temperature-wise). Pretty low noise level, had no problems hearing the folks at the end of the table. Might have something to do with the padded booths inside. Don't recall what I ordered but I do remember being pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as horrible as I anticipated it to be!

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              "...it wasn't as horrible as I anticipated it to be!"

              Damning with faint praise, fickle. :)

            2. OK Let me change the question a bit. If you had just been informed of your attendance at the Roy Thompson Hall several times over the next 6 months or so--where, within walking distance, would you eat before the 8 pm show with the pressure of not a lot of time hanging over your head? Joe Badali's is of suffiecent quality to takeup at least 2 of the "shows".

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                I can't vouch for the place yet not having been there and if you care about decent beer, why not Bar Hop just west of there on King? I'm hearing good things about the place.

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                  Checked out the Bar Hop on the net. Looks like they specialize in small/craft brewery products. Unfortunately I find most of them to be worse than the stuff I was making 20 years ago witness Flying Monkeys which tastes to me like it was filtered through concrete blocks. But thanks for the suggestion.

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                  Other suggestions would be Canteen, Milagro and Aroma - all decently fast service and good food.

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                    Thanks Cat123. I have added Canteen to the list. I think that leaves 2 to go.

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                      You might want to consider Corned Beef House too, although I think they lost something in the move to the "newer" space....

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                        OK. I think we are now down to needing one more location. The Montreal Smoked meat sandwich looks great.

                3. They used to make an awesome Ploughman, really good bread, cheese and chutney. Last time I went there, the dish was the same price but it had 1/3 of the cheese it used to, the bread wasn't fresh and the chutney non-existent. Also, we were "entertained" by the world's most depressing bar singer. Not recommended.

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                    Which place are you referring to siradcll?

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                        Looks like the Overdraught has gone with the wind. Any comments on Joe Badali's?